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The Race To The End: Diglett's Cave

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper
* John enters Diglett's Cave
John: Hello?
Rocky: Shut up.
John: Why?
Rocky: Because if you don't this place will collapse on us.
John: Oh sorry.
Rocky: What are you here for anyways?
John: I wanna battle you.
Rocky: Of course you do that's what everybody has been asking me.
Rival: Rocky are you here Grand sent me.
John: Who are you?
Rival: You. Why do I keep running into you?
John: Wait your the Ace?
Rival: Yeah now I'm your Rival but you don't matter right now battling Rocky is my concern.
John: Ok but be quiet.
Rival: Make me.
Rocky: Listen to him.
Rival: You must be Rocky ok Bulbasaur, Rat, and Ziggy GO and use Saply, Hammer Arm, and Quick Attack.
Bulbasaur Lvl: 30
Rat Lvl: 15
Ziggy Lvl: 20
Rocky: Wait NO those will destroy the pillars and the structure will fall on us RUN.
Rival: No you can't run from my battle only the one who started the battle can stop it.
Rocky: John take this and run.
*John received the Clif Badge
John: Thanks but what about you?
Rocky: Just run.
John: Ok.
* John escapes Diglett's Cave just before it fell
Rival: See you later sucka.
John: Where is Rocky?
Rex: She's where you got Doge Ha and now I got the badge loser.
John: Why I'm gonna get y..... Ouch curse you Rex.
  1. Sylve Kipper
    Sylve Kipper
    Rex turns out to be John's superior in everything but can he still win the league.
    Aug 1, 2015