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Digimon: The Great Blue Element (Intro)

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja So your probably wondering...
"Hmm, when is that super great writer @BlueDragonFlame Gonna get off his lazy butt and write something new for us!?" Or you could be thinking about bacon. either of those is good. But to answer the first. IT IS NOW! I have a seires of my own digimon and the winx cast are the main chars, and this... is kinda like their big shot story. This WILL Include Zai and the mega level digimon. Also a BRAND NEW digimon i have created along with an OC. There is alot to this story and i already have huge plans for it. so heres a bit of the beggining as i said this is only the intro. Enjoy :) Peace and love, #BDF
It was cold, and dark.... I still could not find him, my partner to be. I needed to find him before it did, but stuck in this acursed ice prison made that as close to impossible as it could be.

"Carnimon cant succeed" I say to myself over and over trying to break free. Dang, I just need to find someone...

I punded on the wall once more but nothing happened. I layed down putting my paws over my face in defeat knowing there was no way out... until. I found a device, it was like a little machine. I went over and looked at it, it had multiple odd buttons, I looked at the picture on its screen and the Digi Symbol of ice was on it. The symbol i had been carried with. It glowed fiercly and so did the cocoon of ice. my body started to change...

"Frosdramon Digivolve to..."

There was a huge flash, and suddenly i was out of the coccon, it broke right in half and for one of the first times, i saw another world, it had lots of people who were stareing at me widly. I looked at them and yelled.

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