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Digimon: Digimon: The Great Blue Element Chapter 1: Emergence

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja well, its time i suppose, ive been busy playing my pokemon Sun FINALLY after sooo long of not having a 3ds, give me a break :p

Anyways, this story is a bit different, im adding in songs that would be in scenes and everything, but since for copyright or trademark reasons, they wont be in the story per say, they will be in a comment i will put in case for those who want to listen. so anyways enough babbling and START THE INTRO!
(Intro Digimon Frontier theme ( below the title) )

It had been a while since Bloom had went to the digital world with her friends, she is now 17 and is slowly saving up for her own place... but it will make her feel kinda lonely, as her partner and most trusted friend Pyromon, had left to the digital world. She gently twirled her fingers in her long orange hair, as she looked through all the spare things she had to get rid of now that she was older, and in the massive space of old antiques and toys and clothes too small for her now she grabbed a small red device. It had fiery red flames, as it did so long ago, this... was her Digivice. She wondered why it was still its red blazing color. As she knew that when a digivice deactivates for good, it goes back to its plain white original color. But it didn't. She at first thought Pyromon would come back to her, but hours passed to days passed to weeks passed to months passed to almost a Year.

Bloom: *Sigh* I know its been such a long time... but I wish Pyro would come back...

She looked down a bit sad, but she soon got over it and went to pack more things, little did she know, the digivice faintly glowed a small light on the screen...

(the deep depths of Space and space type music plays)

A small asteroid floating in space starts plummeting to earth slowly at first, but kicking up more speed. It is completely covered in ice. As something inside slowly awakens

???: Wha- where... am i?

The small figure looks at his new surroundings being all ice, and his paw hits something, he picks up a small white device similar to Blooms digivice, but it is white and deactivated. The creatures eyes faintly glow a blueish color.

"That's right, i must find him"....


in New Gardenia people look to see the ice covered asteroid, not sure what it is, and not wanting to get closer. One person decides to gently start over to it, but it glows a blueish color...

" Frostdramon Digivolve to..."

The asteroid cracks and a large icy blue dragon, with no wings but having huge blue fur, pointed ears with stripes, jagged rows of teeth, huge hands and a large swinging tail with a blade of ice at the ends comes out, and roars at the People.

(Digivolution Theme)


Meanwhile at another part of town...

A boy with Dark blue short hair was playing soccer with his friends, he had his favorite soccer tee which had his schools yellow and dark blue colors, he also wore goggles, saying they gave him good luck alot of the time, He is A boy named Noah...

A boy who has a very interesting future...

Bloom walked down the street and passed him and his friends, she gave a short glance at him then continued down the road.

"Hmm, i remember having goggles like that" She said strolling...

Until she saw people running very fast... and roaring in the distance. Using instincts instead of thinking she dashed to see the huge Blue Dragon and gazed in horror at it

"A....a Digimon"!? She said aloud very confused.

(Digimon world 2 battle music)

Chilldramon Roars at her fiercly

"Ice Blast"!!!

Chilldramon fires a huge stream of ice but Bloom just gets out of the way, as it freezes a nearby tree

"I wish I had Pyro with me right now"... she thinks to herself. Chilldramon is about to attack again when...

Bloom's digivice glows and a small fiery dragon appears
Bloom's eyes widen in surprise and tears start to form

Bloom: Pyro?

Pyromon: Hey Bloom, been a while

Chilldramon roars again and Bloom looks at Pyro and smiles

Bloom: Pyromon... Let's take this monster out!

Pyro: Heard that!

(Digimon Brave heart song)

"Pyromon Digivolve to..."

in Pyromon's place stood a huge red fiery dragon


The huge red dragon roared at the icy blue one as they stood to face off. Meanwhile at A store, the news were showing the battle between Pyrodramon and Chilldramon, a girl, with brown hair looked at it with surprise and quickly raced off

Flora: Bloom needs my help!
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