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Digimon OCs: Digimon Tamers OC: Rory Marks

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name:Rory Marks
Gender: Female
Age:12 (Aged down to be Takato's age)
Appearance: Rory is 5'1" in height. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. Rory wears a red t-shirt, a dark blue hoodie, and jeans. A pair orange goggles is usually perched above her forehead.
Partner Digimon: Rezemon

Name: Rezemon
Level: Rookie
Appearance: Rezemon mostly resembles Renamon. She has the wings, mask, and eye color of Beelzemon.
Digivolutions: Kyuzemon (Champion level), Tazemon (Ultimate level), Sakuzemon (Mega level)
More will be told about Rezemon's Digivolutions' physical appearances later.
Info: Rezemon was created by Rory Marks and is a combination of what she consders to be the best physical characteristics of both Renamon and Beelzemon.