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Digimon Galaxy Prologue

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer The Digital World is in the Beginning of a Dark Age...Of only one hope...
After the Digimon Hunters raided the Digital world, the Digimon Civilization collapsed. Many Digimon fought to be leader. But one evil Digimon became leader by killing all of his competitors and had enslaved all of the Digimon in the Digital World. If a digimon disagreed with him, He would send his Darkness Fighters out to kill that Digimon.

When he walked to his throne room in his castle, he saw in the Future 4 Digimon. The one of Sun, the one of Moon, the one of Life, and the one of Darkness. Then he saw 4 high-tech devices...Digivices.

All of the Digimon Tamers/Hunters had been rumored to be dead and no more humans knew about the Digital World. All of the Enslaved Digimon hated all humans for what they did to their world. But their only hope now would be...humans....