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Digimon Frontier- Calmaramon

by Shen: King of the Mist

Shen: King of the Mist Calmaramon, the empress of the deep sea. Being the beast spirit counterpart of Ranamon, she takes the elegance and grace of her form and transforms it into something crude, grotesque and vile. Completely changing from an idol to a Titanical Tyrant! Filled with rage and hate, she will ruthlessly chase and assault all that stand against her path to being the most loved celebrity in the world!

Her main attack method is to aimlessly smash everything around her with her massive main tentacles, her sheer physical strength obliterating all those that dare oppose her! However, when against targets that won't squash so easily, she will puff up her stomach, vomiting a horrid stream of black fluid that corrodes anything in seconds!(Acid Ink)

To finish off a target in the most gruesome way she can manage, she will leap into the air, spinning her body like a drill. She then falls down to the earth, using her lower half to skewer the target and pulverize the target into a splatter!(Titanic Tempest)