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Digimon D Force: Chapter 1: Another World

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja 4 teens, go to a new world, full of mystery, friends, and danger
Austin: On another world... A threat arrives, one that could destroy both our world, and the digital world
But between the brink of Life, nd Destruction, our team will rise
A small dragon stands beside him
Austin Raises a small device and the dragon glows in a bright light and transforms
Austin wakes up from his dream
Austin: Woah, another one of those weird dreams again
goes and looks out the window
Austin: Well, atleast my dreams are more exciting than in reality *Sighs*
Goes and grabs bookbag
Austin: ok! I'm all set!
a few minutes later, he rushes to school, and makes it just in time.
Austin then draws in his sketch book
Austin: Yeah! that's it!
He's perfect!
Max: hey Austin! Stll working on the monser drawings I see :)
Austin: *Sighs* Hi Max.
Max: Why don't you come out, everyone's waiting for ya!
Austin: *Closes sketchbook*
Alright! Hold your horses!
They head out to a small hut, and meet a red haired girl, and a blue haired boy.
Angel: Hey guys!
Max: Angel! Still look heavenly I see
Austin: Ignore him, he... yeah, he's just dumb.
Max: Hey!
Curtis:So, what kept you so long?
Austin: oh! well, I was...
Max: Doing nerdy things as always
Austin jabs Max's side
Austin: Would you shut it!
Angel: I'd like to see
Austin: ok.
Austin shows them
Angel: I like it :)
Curtis: It is very nice, do you have a name for this one?
Austin: no, not really, but I don't know why, but I feel something... Different with this drawing.
Angel: How?
Austin: i don't know, it's kinda hard to explain.
Max: Well, Maybe your just getting better, you are trying to become an animator right?
Austin: yeah, it's not so easy as you'd think it is though.
Angel: We know you can do it!
Curtis: yes, you just need a little more faith in yourself.
Austin: Thanks guys :)
Angel: Group hug!
Max: No!
Angel: C'mon! Just once,
Max: no
Austin: He'll never change...
Curtis: So after school, Angel and I were going to go into town, you two wanna come?
Austin: Sure
Max: yeah whatever.

After school, the four head off into town
Angel: Wow! They have alot more things then last time we came down :)
Max: Yeah, I guess it's nice
Austin was still thinking about the weird dream he had
Austin: Digivolution? What does that mean!?
Max snaps getting Austin's attention
Austin: huh?
Max: Something wrong, you kinda drifted off there
Angel: Are you ok?
Austin: no, I'm fine. Just thinking about some hings, I'm ok really.
They then hear people screaming
Max: Let's go see what that was!
They race off, and see a car, through a skyscrapper, atleast a few feat in the air.
Max: What the heck!? That's not possible!
Angel: Is The Driver ok? I hope so...
Suddenly, Austin hears a tiny voice in his head.
???: Move it!
Austin quickly pushes the others out of the way, and the car falls colliding ith the ground, at where they exactly stood.
Austin: You guys ok!?
Max: DUDE! I just seen my whole life flash before my eyes!
Curtis: I'm ok.
Angel: I am to, thanks.

Austin then at the corner of his ye, notices a small red blur.
Austin: hey, you guys see that?
Max: See what?
Angel: i don't see anything
Austin: it was right there, a red thing.
Max: I think he's lost it.
Austin: no, I'm serious!

Austin chases to where the small blur was
Max: hey! Wait up!
They find him, at a small allyway.
Max: Dude, there's no one here...

Suddenly, there is a small rustling sound.
Austin: *Bends down*
It's ok, we're not going to hurt you.
He picks up a small red creature, his body is all blurry
Angel: what is it?
???: so... weak.
Austin: Maybe we should get him to a hospital!
There is a bright flash of light bliding them, and a huge white human like creature stands in front of them
Max: What the heck is that!?!?
Omnimon: Do you wish to help this Digimon?
Austin: Digimon?
*Looks at the small creature*
Omnimon: Then you must have these!
the creature gives them each 4 small divices, a red one, a yellow one, a pinkl one, and a blue one.
*They each take one of the divices*
Omnimon: The digital world rests in your hands!
Another huge flash, and a portal appears. Austin Steps closer to the portal
Max: Hey! think about this for a second!
Austin: i can't turn my back on this guy now, he needs my help!
Austin goes through the portal
Angel: i'm going to!
She also enters
Curtis: C'mon!
Max: Fine! But this better not take long!
They enter the portal, an then the portal closes.
When they go through, they find themselves, in a small forest
Max: Ummm... Guys, here are we?
Austin: woah! Everyone still here?
Angel: i'm here!
Curtis: Me too
Austin: Good
Angel: hey, don't fight! I'm sure we must be somewhere safe, right?
Austin: Yeah, i think.
???: Oh Yeah, this part of Beetleland i safe, don't worry!
Max jumps scared
Max: Where'd that come from!?
Austin takes out his small device
???: Don't worry, I'm in here recovering, the Name's Pyromon!
A face appears on his screen

Austin: Your that creature... In my dream.
Pyromon: Yup! Guilty as charged!
Max: Ok you little Serbii thing, where are we!?
Pyromon: Your in the digital world.
Angel: Digital world?
Pyromon: Yup, this is my world, you guys entered through a portal
Curtis: This is odd, even for me.
Pyromon: Yeah, we don't get too many human visitors.

Suddenly, there is a loud screeching sound
Angel: What is that?
Max: Up There!
A huge bug is seen flying at them
Pyromon: his name's Kuwgamon! He's an insectoid digimon, with teeth like knives and scissor hands that can chop through anything!
Austin: That dosen't sound good!
Kuwagamon charges at them
ustin: Everyone down!
They duck, as Kuwagamon misses them.
Pyro: Don't worry blondie, just leave it to me! Just say Reload!
Astin: Ok...
Reload! Pyromon!
Austin's digivice glows, and Pyromon comes out of the digivice, and leaps at Kuwagamon
Pyromon: Take this you overgrown bug!
Pyro Punch!
Pyro throws his flaming fists, striking the huge bug.
Angel: Alright!
Austin: He's quite strong.
Pyro: ok Tamer, what now?
Austin: uhh... Tamer?
Pyro: Yeah, You're my tamer, quick, what should I do?
A small screen appears and shows Pyro's stats and attacks.
Austin: Ok, Use your Giga Pyro Sphere!
Pyro creates a huge flaming ball with his hands
Pyro throw the huge ball, exploding at Kuwagamon
But Kuwagamon gets up, and steps on Pyro, trapping him under the bug's foot
Austin: Pyro! You ok!?
Pyromon: I'm Fine! Don't worry about me, just make sure you get out of here
Max: You heard him!
Austin: No! I can't just leave....
Austin's digivice suddenly bursts with a huge light, on the screen it says
There's that wod again!
Austin thought
OK Then!
He raises his digivice

Pyromon! Digivolve to...
After the flash, in Pyro's place stood a huge red dragon.
Austin: Whoa!
Max: *Nealy faints*
Angel: He's big!
Curtis: Let's deal with this pest!
Pyrodramon: Pyro Stream!
Pyro shoots a massive torrent of flames at Kuwagamon, knocking him down
Austin: Now finish it!
Pyro lowers his head, and his head glows in a V shape
Pyro: V-CHARGER!!!
Pyro slams into Kuwagamon, and it disapears into little bits of data, and a small egg.
Pyro transforms back into Pyromon
Austin: That was awesome! Way to go!
Pyro: Thanks, Tamer!
Max: That was epic!
Angel: Thank you Mr. Pyro!
Pyro: aww, it was nothing
Max: ok, I say we go as far as we can from here!
Austn: ok, let's all stick together
Curtis: And let the monsters beware!
Angel: Ok! Let's go!
They take the egg, because Angel didn't want to leave it there,
Austin: Ok, let's go!
They head out to try and find a way through the land, little do they know, they are being watched...
???: And so it begins...
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