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Digidex: Shinemon

by NerdyNinja

Shinemon Digidex.jpg
NerdyNinja My fan made digimon, this is his baby form Shinemon
Level: Baby
Attacks: Baby Flame
Bubble Blow
Shinemon is a fun loving Digimon but when threatend by predators, he can sommon fire from the mane on his head, or make a smokescreen to escape.
I love how Shinemon came out. He's sooooo ADORABLE! :)
  1. NerdyNinja
    Thanks :)
    Feb 12, 2016
  2. _Umbreon_
    I love him~
    Feb 12, 2016
  3. NerdyNinja
    I Know! :) Then he turns from cute, to FRICKIN AWESOME!!!
    Feb 12, 2016
  4. Iceblossom
    CUTENESS LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!
    Feb 12, 2016
    SuperYang10 likes this.