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Pokemon Trainer Stories: Diamond's Story

by Noyeh Kaguya

Noyeh Kaguya
Diamond, also known as Dia for short. Diamond started out with a Munchlax called Lax.

Diamond is a good friend of Pearl and the pair form a Pokémon comedy duo, with Diamond acting as the boke (funny man) of the pair. Though seemingly dim-witted at first and possessing a perpetual habit of eating wherever he goes, Diamond is somewhat smarter than he looks. He stands up to foes in times of distress, and has been shown to be observant in a mishap involving wild Bidoof.

Due to a mix-up, Pearl believes that he and Diamond are on a reality television series; if they successfully escort Ms. Berlitz to Mt. Coronet, they will receive a prize (this is untrue, however, as Diamond has suspected something was wrong since the beginning, and chose to stay silent so that the journey could continue).

Berlitz, believing the duo to be her bodyguards, gives them Pokédexes, Pokétches, and starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan. Diamond receives a Turtwig from her and nicknames it Tru. Tru has now evolved into a Torterra. He has also obtained a Shieldon named Don, from Byron. He also has a Lickilicky called Kit. Platinum just recently gave him a Mamoswine that he has named Moo. Diamond also bonded with the legendary Pokémon Regigigas.​