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MLP OC Junks: Diamond Miner (Karley's sister)

by Star.Prince

Star.Prince Drawn on DevaintArt
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Proper but Kind
Likes: Her sister, Friends, Mining for Diamonds
Dislikes: Coal Dust and mud
Bio: Being older then Karley and left behind by their mom, to live with their grandmother, she lived near diamond mines where she had to work. She was the only unicorn there, I know probably not realistic but this is a story, and found out she could use her magic to help her mine. She got a bluish pick ax and got a nice blue diamond. After she got her cutie mark she finally got to see her sister again with her friends Electric Mint and Coal Miner. She found out coal dust was really gross and never really wanted to touch Coal Miner.
How she got her cutie mark: By mining
Sibling: Karley