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Destiny Grease

by PokeTrainerDestiny

PokeTrainer Destiny.png
PokeTrainerDestiny Bio

Name: Destiny Grease
Gender: Female
Age: Can't tell
Pokémon Partner: Umbreon (Male)
Region lives in: Sinnoh
Hometown: Hearthome City
"When I was a little girl my parents gave me and my brother an egg, a month later they both hatch and they were both Eevees. My brother train his at day and mine at night. They both evolved at the same time (Twilight). My brother was old enough to start an adventure with his Espeon, I started mine two years later, with my new friends in the journey, Pom and Marlena. Than Unova with Tabby, Blarie, and Oran, Kalos with Blarie, and Hoenn with Blarie, Kitty, and Chaud."