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Desperate climb.

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Alone, unwanted. Scorch the cyndaquil wanders aimlessly, running from abuse and following the blood star in the sky.
The narrow alley loomed. Dark and empty, the single light shone in the void. A lone Pokemon staggered through the darkness." Cynd... Cyndaquil." The cyndaquil spoke faintly. Scorch had ran, never looking back at the place he had grown to hate. Goldenrod City. He was now enveloped in the shadow of Blackthorn City, it's buildings concealing his fear and fragility. Scorch backed into the corner. The Pokemon in pursuit was a viscous Houndoom. It fangs gleamed maliciously from the light of the cyndaquils flame. It worried at the cyndaquil, tossing it from side to side. Pain paced through Scorch's muscles and he let out a desperate cry." CYNDAQUIIIILLLL!" He wailed as he flew against the wall. The Houndoom drew closer. Salvation appeared in the form of a Bannete. It grabbed the Houndoom and dragged it out of the alley. Who knows what happened but a kind looking old lady bent down and picked up Scorch. He struggled until he was given an Oran berry and he looked up at the person." I see you are an escapee little one." She said curiously as she looked at his collar." Hello Scorch. I'm Susan. You're coming to the home you deserve."
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  1. OmegaCarvineplays
    it was a one time but thing but i might do one for each of my pkmn
    Jun 20, 2016
  2. RedGyrados
    Like it, could you plz continue it
    Jun 20, 2016