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Who would win?: Delphox VS Trevenant

by BlazinDelphox

BlazinDelphox What matchup should I do next? Tell me below!
For my first fight, I chose two Pokemon that had an effective type (Fire>Grass, Psychic<Ghost) on each other. Go ahead and skip the technical stuff to the brawl if you want.
Delphox is my favorite Pokemon but I will try not to be biased. They are also the Kalos fire starter. It's most notable stats are Sp. Atk(114) Sp. Def(100) and Speed(104). They have bad Atk(69) but as Fire/Psychic, why would they need it? Their HP(75) and Def(72) are okay. This one has the moves Fire Blast, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam and Shadow Ball.
Trevenant's top stats are Atk(110) HP(85) and Sp. Def(82). They are rather slow with 56 Speed. It could have better Def(76) and Sp. Atk(65) but they don't. The one in the fight has the moves Strength, Phantom Force, Power-Up Punch and Poison Jab.
I think I covered everything, lets fight!
The Pokemon are released into the arena. "Delphox Del Del!" the Delphox says, likely a taunt. The Trevanant charged readying a Power-Up Punch. The Delphox used Psychic to barely move the wooden fist aside. The Delphox countered with a small blast of fire. However, the Poison Jab was noticed too late, poisoning the Delphox. The Delphox used Dazzling Gleam to blind and was going for the knockout but the Trevanant vanished to start Phantom Force. The Delphox spread flames all over the arena hoping something would hit. The Trevanant suddenly appeared and smacked the Delphox over. Trevanant wins!
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    Oct 7, 2017
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    Starry Phantump
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