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Deity of the Sky

by ExoFlashFire

ExoFlashFire My OC trainer, Obsidian. encounters a Ho-Oh in Johto when he finds a Rainbow Wing in Pewter City, where the bird swoops down to engage in combat. But to the teen's suprise...
A casual wing. That was all I thought it was. Little did I know, the omnipotent falcon called Ho-Oh plummeted in front of me and my parent's with scorching flames, ready to incinerate anything with a flick of it's wing. But this was my chance, my only chance.

"Quartz, now!"


It was only a quaint Sunday, with cool breezes blowing around in Pewter. Not much was to be expected; the Mining city is quiet and barely gets involved in regional events or other large occurrences. My Aerodactyl, named Quartz, was always following me throughout the city, being adjacent to my right when I was buying supplies from the Pokemart or helping father with chopping down lumber near Viridian Forest. Quartz is my beloved partner and friend after all, so I'm not annoyed with the Fossil Pokemon following me around.

"Okay father, gonna feed Quartz some Magikarp fillet!" I exclaimed to my father, a stout man in his 50's.
"Alright, see you later!"

I walked back with a stoic attitude, with a smug expression plastered on my face with all the wood I chopped, which made me feel a little happier. With rapid reflexes, my hazel-lit eyes focused on a multicolored wing. It was large, for sure. I couldn't identify who'd it would belong to. Plus the coloring...probably a rare exotic Pokemon from the Kalos or Unova region passed by and roosted in one of the woodlot's oaks. Quartz looked at me, curious to examine the wing. His topaz pupils at the sight of the feather, probably amazed at it's vivid color scheme. "Oi, you like it?" My Aerodactyl nodded with a grin of satisfaction and a nudge on my pitch-black coat, made out of Tauros leather. I treasured the apparel, so I repeatedly pet the ancient beast until it would stop nudging me. As much as I loved Quartz, this jacket of mine was special and held sentimental value, so I had to keep it from any marks that he might potentially make. "Sorry Quartz, not on the jacket.." Feeling sorry for my companion, I gave the graphite-colored petrosaur a Remoraid treat from my pocket. Hell, these things are convenient for my Pokemon's Obedience and emotion. "Okay Quartz, Pewter City is near by, we'll get you real food by th-"

"Ho-Oh! The legend is real!"
"Quick! Someone capture it before burns this city into ash!"

The shrieks, cries, and roars of people, along with the sound of the bird that reverberated throughout the perimeter of the city and beyond, instantly caught my attention. "Quartz, we don't have time! We need to-" My aerodactyl seemed like he knew what I was about to say. A radiant light shone in my denim pocket, which came from the feather I found earlier. I took it out, and it shone brighter as we traversed closer to home. Could it be..? This feather..was the property of a god that incinerated the Burned Tower in the oriental Ecruteak City, located in Johto? Clenching my fists with the plume of the sacred phoenix, me and Quartz rushed to the city with boiling adrenaline pumping in our blood.

"Quartz, lets catch it."


It had only been fifteen turns of the aerial fight, and my gunmetal-colored familiar was struggling in combat. Quartz was grasping on his mega stone, yet I felt it wasn't the right time to mega evolve...yet.

"Quartz, Stone Edge!"

The drake responded with a quiet nod, flinging jagged stones toward the Rainbow Pokemon with fierce might, aiming directly at it.

Stone Edge missed at a millimeter.

Tch, legendary pokemon are far more powerful than I thought. Perhaps the folklore I was told of was incomplete and had no purpose other than entertainment. Oh well. My focus shifted to the scene of the battle, and something surprised me. Quartz's momentum in the air was now it is best, as the Pokemon soared in the air, dodging Ho-Oh's attacks with finesse. Perhaps now, he'll mega evolve. Raising my wrist that could allow my Aerodactyl to transform, Quartz responded by being cloaked in a harsh light. Stalactites surrounded it's body and wings, making him more dangerous than ever. However, his opponent carried mysterious tricks as well. The Deity of the Sky concealed itself with flickering wisps, then charged at the Fossil Pokemon. With hopes held high, I yelled Quartz's final move. "Wing Attack!" The interception of flames and wind collided, ending in a large explosion. It would deem inconclusive who would remain victorious. In ten seconds, I saw a large figure plummet to the ground, landing with a thud.

It was Ho-Oh. I was filled with joy, only showing it with a slight smirk. Yet, there was one thing that had to be done. Without hesitation, I flung an empty Great Ball, taking the final gambit.

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