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Defy The Legends: Defy The Legends Chapter 2, Brother Battle

by Jimmy_Nutrin

Jimmy_Nutrin Chapter 2 :D
Oh, Did I Forget To Tell You Youngster Joey Was My Brother, Well He Isn't Really A Youngster, He Never Was, The Real Youngster Joey Was Our Grandfather, So My Dad Named Him After Joey, He Is 10 :/, He Started His Adventure Back In Johto Before The Accident, He Started His Adventure First, Got Threw Half Of The Region Then Plop, Back To A New Region, He Didn't Come With Me To Stay With My Aunt Though. He Came To Stay With Our Uncle Jimmy, He Is The First Gym Leader In The Vesta Region, Ice Type, Joey Already Beat The Gym, But I Guess He Came To Check On Me And Here I Am, 2 Years Older Yet He Is Still Ahead Of Me. And I'm Not Trained, I Have A Level 3 Weedle, And A Level 7 Gligar.. I Didn't Know What To Do, "Hey Bro, How Is It Going?" Asked Joey, "Good. Just Started My Adventure" I Said, Then He Said This.. "WOW Weak Sauce, I'm Farther Then You Making Me Better Then You In Everything, Smell Ya Later" He Said.. Then It Hit Me, "He Thinks Since Blue Beat Red And Was Always Ahead, Hes Blue And I'm Red, But He Never Found Out How That Story Ended.. How Red Beat Blue...., I Didn't Say Anything.. I Saw Him Running To Las Vesta, As If He Wasn't Trying To Get Me.., But I Just Ignored It And Got To Training, I Ran Threw The Grass, Finding Pidgeys And Rattatas Everywhere, After About Half A Hour Of Training I Got Gligar To Level 10 And Weedle To Level 7, Weedle Started Evolving Into A Kakuna, It Was Cool, Flashy Though, Very Flashy,, Everything Went Pretty Much Blurry After That, When I Got My Eyesight Back I Saw The Green Kakuna, Wondering What Beedrill Will Look Like And When I Will Get Him. I Heard Footsteps From Behind Me, It Was The Big Bully And Joey... "I Told You." The Bully Said With A Nail Bat In His Hand, Now My First Reaction Would Be Get The Giratina Out Of There, But I Stood There, Then He Swung, I Ducked, My Hair Flung Up As It Almost Hit Me, I Tried To Trip The Bully But Tripped Joey Instead, "Whoops. Sorry, Heheh" I Said Right Before He Punched Me Right In The Face.. I Grabbed My Pokeball And Wiped The Blood Of My Face, "Oh Time For A Battle, A Pokémon Battle M8ties, I Said As I Threw Out Gligar, Joey Sent Out A Shuckle, And The Bully Send Out A Riolu, It Seemed They Were Teamed Up So I Threw Out Kakuna, "Bring It" I Said Right Before The Old Man That Gave Me The Gligar Came Out Of The Shadow, "Double Battle This Is, Help I Must" He Said Signaling Me To Return Kakuna As He Threw Out A Gliscor, "Woah!, Nice Gliscor Old Dude" I Said, "Yes Cool It Is, Now Whoop These Kid's Butts We Must", The Double Battle Engaged, Joey And The Bully Both Went For The Gliscor, But It Outspeed, It Did A Earthquake And Riolu And Shuckle Vanished In Seconds, The Bully Seemed To Have Gotten A Pidgey, And Joey Sent Out A Caterpie, Now For My Time To Shine I Thought, I Did A Quick Attack On Caterpie And It Went Kerplunk, The Gliscor Used Protect, Like It Knew Pidgey Was Gonna Do Something, He Was Right, Because Right Then My Gligar Got Hurracaned To Death, I Sent Out Kakuna Right Before Joey Sends Out A Rattata, The Old Man Whispered Me These Words, "Harden Is The Key, Harden Your Strategy". And I Had No Idea What That Meant, But I Just Thought It Meant Harden, So I Did Just That, And It Worked.. It Survived 2 Quick Attacks From A Pidgey And Rattata, The Gliscor Knocked Out The Pidgey, So That Left The Rattata, Which Thank God The Old Guy Put Quick Attack On Gliscor.. We Beat Them, Me And The Old Man High Fived, Which I Liked, "Whooped You Two Brat's Butts We Did, Now Go To Your Rabbit Holes And Cry To Your Carrots You Will" Said The Old Guy, And This Guy Was Nothing Less From A Savage, The Old Man Gave Me A Intro Of Himself, His Name Was Master Oda, My Thought To Be Dead Great Grandad.. "How Did You Live That Explosion With "It"?" I Asked, You See, He Was A Lab Worker Before He Became A Master, No One Learned After The Mewtwo Incedent Back In 1999, They Modified A Legendary, Not Genesect Or Mewtwo Though, He Still Won't Tell Me, Even Right Now He Won't, "I Sent Out Gliscor And Had Him Use Protect, He Saved Me As He Saved Me", Before I Could Say Anything He Jumped Up High And Said "Whoop The Gym Leader's Butts You Will, See Me Again You Must" He Said Before He Vanished, "Wait... Oda.. Yoda,.., HES JUST A CLICHE SPIN ON A POKEMON TRAINER YODA?! WHAT!" I Shouted Before The Wind Blew My Hair And I Found A Cracked Mirror On The Ground, I Looked At Myself And Thought, "Man.. I Look Better With My Face Out Then Covered.". And I Kept It That Way, On The Back Was A Cipher In Unknown Pokémon, It Was All Scratched Out Except For One Letter, A Unknown R.. "Maybe This Is A Clue.. But I Don't Need To Worry About It That Much I Guess.. I Have To Take On The First Gym Anyway, Also Train" I Said Before I Walked Threw The Route And Arrived At Seabay City, A Small Town On The Coast Of Vesta, It Was Sunset When I Walked On The Beach And Right As I Sit Down I Spot A Litwik, My One Hope Of Beating This Gym, I Engaged A Battle With It, Just Relizing I Only Have My Kakuna And The Mirror, I Started To Mold The Plastic Into A Ball Shape And Then I Found A Piece Of A Broken Pokeball Completing It, A Brand New Pokeball, I called It The Mirror Ball, I Tossed It At Litwik, And It Worked! I Just Made A New Ball, Kinda, It Disapeared, Then Reapeared As A Normal Pokeball, I Caught The Litwik, But I Now Have To Find Out About This Mirror Ball!