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Death in the Forest: Death in the Forest 1

by GalacticMurder

GalacticMurder People in the forest suddenly disappearing. It is up to Charmander and Squirtle to figure out what is happening.
Life in the forest has always been calm, but one day, mysterious things started happening, really mysterious things. Pokemon started disappearing around the area. The most ominous thing that happens is that whoever tries searching for the murderer or kidnapper suddenly disappears the next day or two. It is up to Charmander and his friends to find out what is happening!

Charmander is laying down on a bed of dirt asleep. When suddenly the ground started shaking. He arose from his bed of dirt. To find out it was just his friend Squirtle punching the ground and trees. "Hey, Charmander!", screamed Squirtle. "Hey, Squirtle, what's with the early morning training?" asks Charmander. "Well, don't tell anyone, but I am planning on searching for the murderer!", Squirtle screams. Charmander says," If it's supposed to be a secret then why are you screaming it out loud?" Squirtle says,"Whatever, let's just get ready to find the murderer!" Charmander asks,"If we were to search for the murderer, where would we start?" Squirtle says,"I don't know, let's just ask some people. C'mon!" The two walked around asking other Pokemon if they had information on the criminal. Most people had no information or too scared thinking they'll be next if they give out information. Squirlte says,"I think we should just quit, we can't find any information." Charmander says,"Yes, we should quit." Out of no where a rock hit Squirtles head. The rock had a paper attached to it. Squirtles yells, "Ahh! That hurt!" Charmander says," There's a paper attached, should we read it?" Squirtles says,"I'll read it since it hit me anyways. It says,'Come to the big tree by the little cottage.'" Charmander says, "It seems suspicious, I say we don't go." Squirtles says,"I say we go!" Charmander says," Alright, fine." They walked to the cottage and saw the big tree. Charmander says, "Let's turn back." Squirtle asks,"Let's stay." Charmander says,"Well, there's a big, round, shadowy figure in front of us, and you can hear it breath, we should totally stay." The big Pokemon emerged from under the big, shady tree. Squirtle whispers,"Run." They ran away as fast as they could.
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