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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Zygarde vs Rayquaza

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The Ozone Dweller meets the Underground Monster in a Death Battle! (All Information comes from Bulbapedia.com)
Me: We know better than anybody else that when 2 titans clash, the result could be devastating.
Pain: Sometimes who wins doesn’t matter. Sometimes all that matters is protecting the world.
Eeveechu: And that’s exactly the job of these 2 dragons. Protecting the people.
Me: So of course, we’re going to put them in a battle to the death with catastrophic results.
Pain: And of course, there will be a winner.
Eeveechu: Zygarde, the Order Pokemon.
Me: And Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokemon.
Pain: He’s Mewtwofan and I’m Lord of Pain!
Eeveechu: The name is Eeveechu151.
Me: And it’s our job to analyze their stats, movepools, and abilities to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Pain: Deep underground, there is a myth, a legend. A Pokemon who has been biding its time, waiting for the right moment. A beast of unimaginable power, master of the Aura Trio, Zygarde.
Eeveechu: Zygarde is known for having 3 distinct formes. These forms are 10%, 50%, and Complete. Each of Zygarde's Formes is made up of Cores and Cells. Neither of these two forms have power to battle alone, only when combined to form Zygarde.
Me: The Cores have their own will and are sometimes able to act on their own. They serve as brains for Zygarde. The Cells form the rest of Zygarde's body. They are only able to act on the Core's orders.
Pain: Each form of Zygarde has its own special abilities and methods of attack. The Cores are able to communicate with other Cores and Cells via telepathy. The Cores have been known to take action when the local ecosystem is threatened.
Eeveechu: Its 10% Forme has razor-sharp teeth and can reach speeds up to 60 mph (100 km/h). Zygarde Complete Forme is said to exceed both Xerneas and Yveltal in power, possessing 100% of its total cells.
Me: Zygarde only enters Complete Forme when the ecosystem is under threat and the Cores decide that 50% Zygarde is unable to deal with it.
Pain: Zygarde Core is the brain of Zygarde, and has a small and leafy-green gelatinous body comprised of a large, round head, a moderately sized body, and a thin, hook-shaped bottom section that may be a tail.
Eeveechu: Its head is rounded except for a protruding, beak-shaped area at the bottom front. Within its head is a single, oval eye that has a smaller, oval pupil within it. Beside this eye is another white, semi-elliptic shape, possibly a second eye. Within its midsection is a nearly regular, red hexagon.
Me: Zygarde Cells make up every other part of Zygarde, and appears very similar to the Zygarde Core. Unlike the Core, it is flat, has a green pupil, and has a darker green, more elongated hexagon within its midsection. Unlike the Cores' hook-like bottom section, the Cells have a long and more noticeably tail-like back-end.
Pain: Zygarde 10% Forme has a relatively small, mostly black canine body with a green "leash" that continues beyond the neck. Its muzzle is black at the top and green elsewhere. Its eyes are white hexagons with a black outline and no discernible pupils; directly above the eyes are two small green hexagons that resemble eyebrows.
Eeveechu: On its forehead is a very thin, white ellipse. Its "leash" is entirely green with a small red hexagon connected to the bottom. Its left front paw is green up to the elbow, while all its other legs are completely black. On each of its legs are hexagonal protrusions, all the same color black as the legs themselves. There are two such protrusions on the back of its elbows, one on each knee, and two on each hip. One extension on the right hip is placed higher than on the left.
Me: Zygarde 50% Forme has a serpentine body with green and black markings. Most of its back is black, while the underbelly and the tip of its tail are green. Its eyes are comprised of four green hexagons, similar to an insect with compound eyes. Across the back of its neck is a large frill made of five long, flat protrusions. There are three short tendrils on either side of its chest, and its tail ends in five tendrils.
Pain: It has many small, green hexagon markings on its body that can glow. This form of Zygarde is thought to monitor those who destroy the ecosystem from deep with its cave. Should the region's ecosystem fall into disarray, it will appear and reveal its power. And boy, is this power something to be feared.
Eeveechu: Zygarde Complete Forme has a large, humanoid body with a long tail similar to Zygarde 50% Forme's body. There are several flat protrusions around its head and triangular protrusions around its neck, giving it a crown-shaped appearance. On its face are three white hexagonal marks: one in the middle of its forehead with a line through it and two being that acting as eyes. There are an additional five green hexagons on its face: four along the bottom and one in the middle of a short protrusion on top.
Me: Each shoulder has two wings protruding from it. These wings all have a hexagon and an undulating pattern: blue on the right side and red on the left. The very tip of the wings can open up, making them appear to be a pair of "mouths" with red or blue patterns on the inside. It has multiple white protrusions on its body: three on each hand acting as claws, one on each knee, and one and the front of each foot. Additionally, there are green extensions surrounding its wrists and two under the white protrusions on its knees and feet.
Pain: Its abdomen has a vertical, hexagonal pattern upon it with two thin, white, and vertical marks on either side. Across its chest is thin, zigzagging opening that fades between five colors: red, orange, white, cyan, and blue. The chest can open, revealing five cores of each color. Above this opening are two large green, hexagonal marks. When its wings and tail are extended, Zygarde Complete Forme resembles the Latin alphabet letter Z.
Eeveechu: Zygarde 10% has 54 HP, 100 Attack, 71 Defense, 61 Special Attack, and 85 Special Defense, and 115 Speed. 10% Zygarde has the ability Aura Break, which negates all Auras. We gave it the moves, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Ice Fang, and Land’s Wrath.
Me: Next is Zygarde’s base form, or its 50% forme. It has 108 HP, 100 Attack, 121 Defense, 81 Special Attack, and 95 Special Defense and Speed. 50% Zygarde has the ability Power Construct. It has the moves Dragon Pulse, Land’s Wrath, Coil, and Dragon Rush. Oh, and this Power Construct ability? This ability makes it so that if Zygarde gets below half health, it turns into Complete Zygarde.
Pain: Complete Zygarde has 216 HP, 100 Attack, 121 Defense, 91 Special Attack, 95 Special Defense, and 85 Speed. Complete Zygarde has the moves Thousand Arrows, Dragon Dance, Core Enforcer, and, of course, Land’s Wrath. Thousand Arrows has a very special effect. If a flying opponent is hit by it, it makes the Pokemon able to be hit by Ground Type moves. Core Enforcer also has a Special Ability. If an opponent is hit by it, their ability is negated.
Eeveechu: Zygarde, with its overpowered movepool, stats, and abilities, has certainly earned its title as guardian of the land.

Me: The Ozone Layer is a layer of the Earth that is tasked with protecting this green planet, in more ways than one.
Pain: Groudon and Kyogre, their battles have threatened the safety of this world on more than one occasion. Whether by drowning it or destroying all water, Rayquaza is going to stop it.
Eeveechu: Rayquaza is a large, green, serpentine creature. It has red-tipped, rudder-like wings on its shoulders and down its body, and similarly patterned fins on the tip of its tail. Yellow ring-like symbols run across the length of Rayquaza's body and it has an additional yellow ring on top of its head.
Me: Rayquaza has two limbs with three-clawed hands, and two long, flat, horn-like structures on its head, with two shorter horns along its jawline. It has small, yellow eyes with black pupils, prominent pink gums, and two discernible fangs in its upper jaw.
Pain: It is able to soothe the other members of the weather trio, even in their Primal Forms. Rayquaza can live for hundreds of millions of years in the ozone layer, where it feeds on water and other particles. Rayquaza is rarely seen by people; even in flight, its appearance is indistinguishable from that of a meteor. Rayquaza is the only known Pokemon capable of learning the move Dragon Ascent.
Eeveechu: But Dragon Ascent is much more than just a move. If Rayquaza eats a meteorite it could enable energy inside its body and as long as it can use Dragon Ascent it can Mega Evolve? Mewtwo, explain the science of that.
Me: Inside Rayquaza's body lies an organ that contains the same power as a Mega Stone. A Devon Corporation scientist named this organ the mikado organ. By consuming meteoroids as it flies through the stratosphere, the mikado organ will be filled with enough energy to enable Rayquaza's Mega Evolution. But I still don’t see how Dragon Ascent fits into that.
Pain: Along with Dragon Ascent, Rayquaza has the moves Dragon Pulse, Twister, and Dragon Dance. Rayquaza’s stats are 105 HP, 150 Attack, 90 Defense, 150 Special Attack, 90 Special Defense and 95 Speed. Its ability is Air Lock, which eliminates the effect of weather.
Eeveechu: If you think those are God Tier, as previously mentioned, Rayquaza can Mega Evolve! As Mega Rayquaza, its body becomes longer and gains more features. Its head becomes longer with the Δ symbol appearing on its forehead. Its eyes now contain yellow pupils and red irises, and black, tree-like markings trail behind its eyes. Its red lips and teeth become gold, and the gold lines connect to those on its lower horns, which take on a broad, triangular shape.
Me: At the outer edges of its lower horns are long, golden, glowing tendrils that each extend to a green, fin-like structure; these tendrils have ring patterns that strongly resemble the yellow markings running along the length of Rayquaza's normal form. Its two upper horns become longer with a gold line running over them in a V shape, and each upper horn has another glowing tendril that ends in a circular shape with a spike. Along the length of its body are golden, glowing orbs placed where its ring patterns used to be.
Pain: The chin, part of the neck, and parts of its serpentine body are changed to the color black. The fins running along its body are now marked with gold lines; the fins on its tail become entirely yellow and substantially longer. Particles stream from the long tendrils that extend from its jutting jaw; these particles can control the density and humidity of the air, allowing Mega Rayquaza to manipulate the weather. Its green hide sparkles with an emerald-like quality.
Eeveechu: Mega Rayquaza has the moves Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor, Hurricane, and V-Create. Its stats are… 105 HP… 180 Attack… 100 Defense… 180 Special Attack… 100 Special Defense… and 115 Speed… It also has the ability Delta Stream, which eliminates all Flying Type Weaknesses. Forget God Tier! This thing needs a tier of its own, and it can only be used for battle if you’re playing without rules!
Me: Though Mega Rayquaza is not unstoppable. (Seriously, I stomped one with a Blissey) But still, Rayquaza is a Pokemon to be feared, and a legend worth of the name.

Me: Alright, the combatants are set!
Pain: Let's end this debate once and for all!
Eeveechu: It's time for a Death Battle!

(The Hoenn region, full of peace and mystery)
(Or, at least last week.)
(Two titans are clashing. Primal Groudon, who aims to reunite the land and obliterate the sea.)
(Primal Kyogre, aiming to vanquish land and fill the earth with water.)
(Zygarde, in his 50% form, comes out of a cave in Hoenn and sees the destruction that is being caused.)
(It turns into its 10% form)
(Zygarde runs through the forest, eventually reaching a ledge.)
(Zygarde sees Groudon and Kyogre clashing and is ready to fight)
(Zygarde jumps through the air and tries to start an Earthquake)
(It distracts Groudon and Kyogre)
(It readies Land's Wrath, but it is knocked out of the way by a Green Dragon.)
(Zygarde tumbles back into the forest as Rayquaza stands over it)
Rayquaza: I don't know what you're doing, but stay out of it. This isn't your fight.
Zygarde: I am Zygarde, guardian of the Earth! Those Pokémon are destroying the ecosystem. It's my job to kill them.
Rayquaza: You can not and will not kill them. I'll handle this. Now run along.
(Zygarde growls, then jumps in the air and uses Dragon Claw, catching Rayquaza off guard and causing it to fall to the ground.)
Rayquaza: So that's how you want to play it.
(Rayquaza turns around and roars)
(Rayquaza does a quick little Dragon Dance to power itself up)
(Zygarde jumps on Rayquaza's back and uses Ice Fang)
(Rayquaza shakes Zygarde off and blasts it with Dragon Pulse, sending it through a tree)
(Zygarde starts panting, then it calls on more cores across the world)
(Rayquaza looks in shock as Cells turn the weak little puppy into a pure dragon, Zygarde 50%)
(Zygarde takes a moment to laugh before tackling Rayquaza with Dragon Rush)
(Rayquaza stops in its tracks, flinched)
(Zygarde takes this time to use Coil, powering itself up)
(Rayquaza looks annoyed, then calls apon a Twister)
(Zygarde tries to slither away, but is caught up by the Twister)
(Zygarde breaks out and uses Dragon Pulse, pushing Rayquaza backwards)
(Zygarde readies another move, but Rayquaza takes to the sky)
(Rayquaza crashes down on top of Zygarde with a Dragon Ascent)
(Zygarde is crippled in the corner, and Rayquaza laughs at it)
Rayquaza: You've had your fun, child. Now, I'm off to save the world.
(Rayquaza turns the other direction, but all the cells around the world form around Zygarde)
(Zygarde becomes Perfect Zygarde, and grabs Rayquaza in one hand)
Zygarde: I am complete.
(Zygarde spreads it's wings and takes to the skies, bringing Rayquaza with it)
(An energy forms deep inside Rayquaza, and it Mega Evolves.)
(It breaks free of Zygarde's Wrath, and uses V-Create)
(Zygarde puts its hands in front of its face, resisting it)
(The 2 beings of power reach the Ozone Layer)
(Zygarde looks at Mega Rayquaza and uses Dragon Dance)
(Mega Rayquaza flies above and slams Zygarde with another Dragon Ascent, sending it through the clouds)
(Zygarde quickly regains its balance and flies back up to Mega Rayquaza's level)
(Zygarde laughs in Mega Rayquaza's face, before a Thousand Arrows rain down from above, sending Mega Rayquaza falling all the way to the ground.)
(Mega Rayquaza hits the ground, and uses the weather to make a Hurricane)
(It surrounds Zygarde and sends it to the ground as well)
(Zygarde gets up and uses Land's Wrath, causing Mega Rayquaza to fall into the water)
(Mega Rayquaza quickly flies back up and uses V-Create again)
(This time, it hurts Zygarde)
(Zygarde uses Core Enforcer, sending Mega Raquaza flying into a nearby building, and disabling its ability)
(Zygarde quickly flies over, grabs it, and throws it into the middle of the city)
(Mega Rayquaza once again causes a Hurricane, the epicenter is right on Zygarde's back,)
(Zygarde stumbles, and Mega Rayquaza is about to blast it when it turns back into it's 50% Form)
(Zygarde uses Land Wrath again, toppling all the buildings on the block, they all fall onto Mega Rayquaza)
(Zygarde turns into it's 10% Form)
(Mega Rayquaza flies out of the rubble, into the air, and then back onto Zygarde with a Dragon Ascent)
(In Zygarde's crippled state, this hurts, a lot)
(Zygarde uses Earthquake, it barely does anything to Mega Rayquaza)
(Mega Rayquaza takes Zygarde and blasts it with V-Create)
(Zygarde jumps into the air and uses Ice Fang, biting Mega Rayquaza right in the neck)
(Mega Rayquaza screams in pain as Zygarde calls upon its cells and becomes Complete Zygarde again)
(Mega Rayquaza laughs)
Mega Rayquaza: You... Fool...
(A bunch of Draco Meteors fall from the sky, all of them hitting Zygarde.)
(Zygarde falls backwards, right in the middle of an open field)
Mega Rayquaza: Maybe next time you'll listen. When you reach the afterlife, tell Giratina I said hi.
(Zygarde stands up and calls upon all of its energy.)
Zygarde: Enough... Is... ENOUGH!
(Zygarde unleashes all of its energy in a final Core Enforcer, it severely weakened Mega Rayquaza)
(Zygarde takes Mega Rayquaza in one hand and flies to where Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre were fighting)
Zygarde: Hey, you two!
(Zygarde holds Mega Rayquaza's injured body infront of it and crushes his skull in its hand)
(Zygarde drops Mega Rayquaza's now dead body to the ground and charges forward towards the two fighters.)

Me: I've said before that a battle was the closest we've ever had but this time I mean it. In the convo, we had 4 pages of debating!
Pain: Rayquaza had many many advantages but Zygarde could outmatch almost all of them.
Eeveechu: Rayquaza had higher stats, but Zygarde had access to many stat changing moves.
Me: Rayquaza had an immunity to Ground and an ability to disable Flying weaknesses, but Zygarde had Thousand Arrows to make Rayquaza able to be hit by Ground moves and Core Enforcer to disable its ability.
Pain: And when compared to Zygarde's more diverse movepool, Rayquaza stood no chance.
Eeveechu: Not to mention Zygarde's greatest feats. Zygarde was confirmed to be stronger then both Yveltal and Xerneas in its 50% Form, while Rayquaza got whopped by two Deoxys, and has never officially beaten Groudon and Kyogre in a fight.
Me: The winner is Zygarde.

Next Time on Death Battle!
Gen 1 gave us many great Pokémon, but something was always missing.
In Gen 2, the Steel Type was introduced, and old Pokémon were able to get a new evolution.
But it didn't stop there.
In Gen 6, Mega Evolutions were introduced, letting these Pokémon reach their maximum potential.
Steelix v Scizor, coming June 21st.

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the battle. Special thanks to @Eeveechu151 and @Lord Of Pain, my researching partners, and be sure to check out our sister series, Clash Of Code on Eeveechu's profile, and thank you for reading!
  1. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    @THEKRYPTONIANULTRAGOD ...um, please read again. If you missed the MAJOR FACTOR of Zygarde's special moves Thousand Arrows and Core Enforcer which makes any Pokemon, even flying-types, able to be hit by Ground moves and disables the opponent's ability respectively. If Zygarde didn't have his SIGNATURE MOVES, then yes Rayquaza would win. However, these moves mean that Zygarde can take all of Rayquaza's natural advantages and shove them up his ass before taking him down easily. Remember, Zygarde can beat both Xerneas and Yveltal at 50% power. If Zygarde can beat the legendary embodiments of life and death while Rayquaza has never canonically beat neither Groudon nor Kyogre and Rayquaza has no way to stop Zygarde's attacks... yep, Rayquaza goes down.
    Long story short? We learned Thousand Arrows and Core Enforcer exist, you didn't.
    Apr 25, 2018
    Idiots delta stream cuts of all type weaknesses of flying types including ice fang... and flying is immune to ground type moves such as earthquake and thousand waves.. and so rayquaza wins
    Apr 25, 2018
  3. DopeLeafeon470
    Do a throwback one!
    Like one of your first battles! Magikarp Vs. Feebas!
    Aug 10, 2017
  4. TheStargazer
    Steelix vs Scizor.... Very interesting....
    Jun 5, 2017
  5. Splashfur
    Jun 2, 2017
  6. Mewtwofan259
    @Peridot!!! It's honestly my favorite. Magikarp v Bidoof could be fun. I'll consider it. :)
    Jun 2, 2017
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  7. Splashfur
    I really liked this one. I think it might be my favorite.

    Could you do something like Magikarp vs. Bidoof or something Magikarp can learn dragon rage btw
    Jun 2, 2017
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  8. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    I'm kinda happy it ended this way. Poor Rayquaza, but there's a reason Zygarde's the guardian of Earth.
    May 31, 2017
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  9. Mewtwofan259
    May 31, 2017
  10. Staroid
    I think Zygarde would win, but I don't know. Rayquaza could mega evolve and got Zygarde it could take a turn for the worst.
    May 29, 2017
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  11. Mewtwofan259
    May 29, 2017
  12. TheStargazer
    Some suggestions:

    Turtonator vs Drampa
    Zangoose vs Seviper
    Vikavolt vs Pinsir
    Dragalgae vs Clawitzer
    Braviary vs Mandibuzz
    Garboder vs Vanilluxe
    Metagross vs Salamance

    Sorry if you have done any of these already...
    May 29, 2017
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  13. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Looks great! Can't wait to see what comes next.
    May 28, 2017
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  14. Mewtwofan259
    May 28, 2017
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