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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Snorlax vs Slaking

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The 2 laziest Pokémon fight in a Death Battle! (All information comes from Bulbapedia.com)
Me: Some Pokémon are full of energy, always ready for a battle. Pain: But with these Pokémon, there comes those Pokémon that are just plain lazy. Like Professor Oak, who devotes his whole life to being lazy... Um, I mean Snorlax. Me: And Slaking, the embodiment of Infamy. Pain: He's Mewtwofan and I'm Lord of Pain! Me: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Pain: Snorlax is a huge, bipedal, dark blue-green Pokémon with a cream-colored face, belly, and feet. Me: Its body is composed of mostly its belly, where most of its fat reserves accumulate. Pain: Its head is large, with small, pointed ears and two pointed teeth protruding from its lower jaw. Me: It has large, hind feet with three claws and a circular brown paw pad, and its arms and five foreclaws are short. Snorlax is often found in Mountains and Forests. Pain: It wakes up only to eat and seldom for exercises. It is not a picky eater, as its strong stomach allows it to eat even moldy food without feeling any ill effects. Me: When hungry, it is not satisfied until it consumes 900 lbs. (400 kg) of food. Pain: Snorlax is docile enough to let children and small Pokémon bounce on its large stomach. Me: It has the ability Thick Fat, which makes it so Fire and Ice type moves don't do that much. It also has the moves Rest, Sleep Talk, Crunch, and Giga Impact. Pain: Looking at it's stats, they're better than you would think. 160 HP and 110 in Attack and Sp. Defense. 65 in Defense and Sp. Attack. But Speed is in the toilet, only 30. Me: Overall, Snorlax may be lazy, but that doesn't mean he's not strong. (Snore)

Pain: Slaking is a large, bulky, ape-like bipedal Pokémon. Most of its shaggy fur is brown, along with the semi-circle patterning under its eyes. Me: Its face, chest, hands, and feet are lighter in color. Its brows are thick and jutting, and it has a large, pink, pig-like nose. Pain: Around its neck is a white collar of fur that extends over the top of its head before ending in a small tuft. It has large, five-fingered hands and two-toed feet. Me: During most of the day, Slaking lolls around and sleeps. It is considered the laziest Pokémon, but even when it is lounging it's saving energy. Pain: It can exert a lot of power by releasing built up energy all at once, and can regain lost energy through the use of its former signature move, Slack Off. Me: Slaking lives in forests where it feeds on grass and ripened fruit that falls from trees. It only moves around when there is no more food within reach for it to eat. Pain: In addition to Slack Off, it has Chip Away, Covet, and Feint Attack. Me: It has the ability that put it in the history books. The ability that made Slaking famous. Truant. Which makes you only attack every other turn. (Jumps out the Flipping Window.) Pain: O.K... Well, it almost makes up for that with his stats. 150 HP, 160 Attack, 100 Defense and Speed, 95 Sp. Attack, but only 65 in Sp. Defense. (Pokes my head back into broken window) Me: Slaking is Infamous for a good reason. But he's still strong. (Slaking makes his cry)

Me: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all. Pain: It's time for a Death Battle!

(Snorlax is sleeping in the forest when he wakes up)
(He sees a big mound of food and crawls towards it)
(Snorlax shoves a bunch of the food into his mouth when Slaking wakes up)
(Slaking jumps down from the tree and roars)
(Slaking uses Feint Attack, knocking Snorlax away from the food)
(Snorlax uses Giga Impact, knocking Slaking into the giant pile of fruit)
(Slaking jumps out, but doesn't do anything)
(Slaking uses Covet, which causes Snorlax to roar and use Crunch, knocking Slaking off)
(Snorlax uses Rest to heal himself)
(Slaking jumps on the sleeping Snorlax and uses Chip Away)
(Snorlax uses Sleep Talk, which ends up being Rest again)
(Snorlax uses Sleep Talk again this time it's Giga Impact)
(Snorlax uses Sleep Talk once more, it's Crunch)
(Slaking uses Slack Off and heals himself.)
(Snorlax woke up and used Crunch again)
(Snorlax uses Giga Impact)
(Slaking uses Covet knocking Snorlax over onto his back)
(Being on his back, Snorlax uses Rest)
(Snorlax uses Sleep Talk, which is Giga Impact. Slaking uses Slack off again.)
(Snorlax uses Sleep Talk, which ends up being Rest again)
(Slaking uses Feint Attack, causing Snorlax to wake up and use Crunch)
(Snorlax uses Giga Impact, causing Slaking to fall over.)
(Slaking uses Chip Away, tripping Snorlax.)
(Snorlax uses Crunch, sending Snorlax into a tree.)
(Slaking gets up and uses Chip Away, sending Snorlax flying)
(Slaking checks to see if Snorlax is breathing, when he sees that he's not, he leaves)

Pain: That's not how I imagined it ending. Me: This is the closest fight we've ever had, Slaking's strong stats were hindered by Truant, but Snorlax also has good stats, but not as good as Slaking's. Pain: And the healing ability of both the Pokémon are very similer. Both Slaking and Snorlax had healing ability's that could heal their whole HP, and waste a turn doing it. Me: With all these similarities, only the one with the better stats could win this. Pain: The winner is Slaking.

Next Time on Death Battle!
It appears as if another season of Death Battle is coming to an end... the only way to end it is with the best Legendary Rivalry... The guardians of Time and Space, Dialga vs Palkia.

Thanks to @Lord Of Pain for helping me research this battle.
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    Jul 13, 2016
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    I have the toughest choice ever but I Have to go with my main Pokemon, Snorlax
    Jul 12, 2016