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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Quetphoon vs Apophoes vs Orocheight vs Leviatan!

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 Pain's 4 Fakemon fight in a Death Battle! (Sorry Bulbapedia, not this time.)
Me: Here on Pokecharms, the realm of Fakemon coexists with us.
Pain: And some of these were created by yours truly!
Me: We might actually need to say their designs this time. Anyway, these Fakemon are Quetphoon, the Emperor Snake Pokémon.
Pain: Apophoes, the Sun Eater Pokémon.
Me: Orocheight, the Eight Headed Pokémon.
Pain: And Leviatan, the Omega Pokémon. He's Mewtwofan259 and I'm Lord of Pain!
Me: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Pain: A golden serpent with a bronze underside, bronze feathery wings and a bronze feathery mane, that is Quetphoon.
Me: It has a yellowish green crystal fan at the tip of its tail, yellowish green crystal spikes on its back and yellowish green crystal fangs, it has black thunder-like stripes.
Pain: It is the guardian of order and has a temple dedicated to it, at the last day of the year people offer sacrifices to it in the temple, in return it stops the apocalypse from happening.
Me: It's none lethal venom is sweet and has inspired beedrills and vesquins to replicate it, creating honey.
Pain: Quetphoon has the ability of Divine Presence, which gives it 1 Stage in Special Attack when it's sunny, and 2 when the Land is Desolate. It also gives it 1 Stage in Speed in rain, and 2 when the seas have become Primordial.
Me: It has the moves, Rain Dance, Thunder, and Sludge Wave. But you can't have a Fakemon with out a Fakemon move. Quetphoon has Order Bolts, which is a Special Electric move that hits 2-5 times. But here's the catch, when an opponent is hit with one of these bolts, it has a 10% Chance to remove their stat changes every bolt.
Pain: Yeah, sorry for the short Paragraphs, these Pokémon don't have types or stats to compare.

Pain: Next, there's Apophoes, a red cobra with arms and legs, it has black fire-like markings going up its legs and forearms, a black sun tattoo in each hood.
Me: You seem to enjoy snakes. Anyway, it has a golden spear head with a crystal pink outline on the tip of its tail, pink crystal spikes on its back and pink crystal fangs.
Pain: Apophoes is the Chaos bringer, each year it attempts to eat the sun and take its power for itself, engulfing the world in total darkness and starting the apocalypse.
Me: But on the last day of the year it gets close but is always stopped by Quetphoon, our opponent that you just finished reading about.
Pain: Apophoes has the ability Potential Chaos (Real Fitting Name.) Which means all Pokémon on the field get priority on their moves that hit multiple Pokémon.
Me: Apophoes has the moves Sunny Day, Earthquake, Sludge Wave, (Again) and the new move Sun Breaker, which is a Physical Fire move that takes a turn to charge up and has a 40% Chance to Burn.
Pain: It'll take more than Sunscreen to stop this guy.

Pain: Then, there's Orocheight, a metallic blue snake with 4 heads at the top, 2 on the shoulders and 2 at the end of its arms.
Me: Again with the snakes. This one has 8 silver blades at the tip of its tail, a light blue octagonal gem on its chest, light blue crystal spikes on its back and light blue crystal fangs.
Pain: Orocheight is the Envious Serpent, it seeks the same power as Apophaos after devouring the sun, to do so it attempts to eat 8 dragons a year.
Me: On the last day of the year he is stopped by Quetphoon, if does achieve such power he shall flood the world and start the apocalypse.
Pain: Orocheight has the ability Luck Of Eight, which makes it so that if it lands a critical hit, the move will hit 7 more times.
Me: Note these 7 more hits can't be critical. And it's moves are Gyro Ball, Venoshock, Bulldoze, and Tight Steel Scales, which is a Steel Type move which raises Defense 3 times. And atleast you TRIED to change up the snake thing.

Pain: Finally changing up the snake thing, we have Leviatan. In it's Normal Form, it's a white medusa-like being with rainbow serpents for hair and arms, it also wears a white mask.
Me: As Arceus created the universe it also created Leviatan to shape and mould the earth, it watches over the earth, disappointed in the ungrateful humans polluting it it waits till the apocalypse starts to revert to its breaker form and destroy the earth.
Pain: This Breaker Form is a black medusa-like being with black eels for hair and arms, it has no mask but a demonic face.
Me: In it's normal form, it has Tectonic Force, which gives it's own Ground Type Moves Priorities. And in it's breaker form, it has Ouroboros, which negates all priorities.
Pain: It has Earthquake, Surf, and Dragon Pulse. In it's normal form, it's fourth move is Clay Trap, a ground type move that halves all Pokémon on the field's Speed. In it's Breaker form. it's fourth move is Dark Water, which is a Water Type move that gives a random Status to all enemy Pokémon.
Me: I wouldn't say you completely changed up the Snake thing, but you somewhat did it. Key word, somewhat.

Me: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all!
Pain: It's time for a Snake Battle!

(It's the last day of the year, people are worshiping at a temple)
(Quetphoon comes down from the sky, to the cheers and applause of everyone.)
(Meanwhile, Apophoes and Orocheight are both flying towards the sun, but they bonk heads and fall back down to earth)
(Quetphoon slithers over to them and is about to attack when Leviatan lands in front of him and roars )
Leviatan: This world is mine! Quetphoon, one of these idiots is going to destroy the world, then it's mine for the taking!
Apophoes: The sun is mine!
Orocheight: In your dreams!
Quetphoon: None of you are destroying this planet on my watch!
(Apophoes and Orocheight clash, Apophoes using Sludge Wave and Orocheight using Venoshock)
(Quetphoon uses Rain Dance, raising his Speed)
(Leviatan smiles and uses Surf to take advantage of this.)
(Quetphoon is knocked backwards, but he charges up something and unleashes Thunder, which stuns Leviatan for a little bit.)
(Orocheight growls and uses Tight Steel Scales, buffing his defense.)
(Apophoes smiles and uses Earthquake. Which, thanks to his ability, gets priority on all of them)
(Leviatan uses Dragon Pulse, which hits Apophoes)
Quetphoon: That's enough!
(Quetphoon uses Order Bolt on Orocheight)
(It hits 4 times, it doesn't do much the first 3, but Orocheight's Defense boost gets knocked out on the 4th.)
(Orocheight launches a Gyro Ball, which knocks Quetphoon into his own temple, shattering it)
(Apophoes starts charging up Sun Breaker, which gives Leviatan the chance to use Clay Trap.)
(Quetphoon is barley able to get up, but he launches a Sludge Wave, which make Leviatan lose his balance)
(Orocheight uses Bulldoze, which does damage to all the Pokémon and injures Quetphoon even more)
(Leviatan grunts and uses Earthquake, causing the ground to shake rapidly)
(Apophoes screams and launches his Sun Breaker)
(When the smoke clears, Quetphoon is burnt to a crisp)
Leviatan: There goes our happy ending. Guess now I'll just have to destroy you 2!
Orocheight: In your dreams!
(Orocheight uses a powerful Venoshock, which sends Leviatan flying)
(Apophoes uses Sunny Day, which did nothing.)
(Leviatan chuckles and uses Earthquake, making the snakes lose their balance)
(Apophoes frowns and uses his own Earthquake to catch Leviatan off guard)
(Orocheight jumps in and uses Gyro Ball, which hits Apophoes straight in the face)
(Leviatan uses Surf, knocking the 2 fighting serpants apart)
(Apophoes uses Sunny Day again, failing to realize it would do nothing)
(Orocheight Bulldozes his 2 enemies)
(Leviatan uses Dragon Pulse on Orocheight, which blinds one of his 8 heads)
(Apophoes starts to charge Sun Breaker, but Orocheight launches an extremely powerful Venoshock, which sends Leviatan into another temple)
Leviatan: You just couldn't resist, could you?
(Leviatan comes out of the temple in his Breaker Form, to the shock of Apophoes and Orocheight)
(Leviatan uses Dark Water, which gives Apophoes a taste of his own medicine by burning him and paralyzing Orocheight)
(Orocheight is paralyzed, he can't move)
(The Burn is too much, and Apophoes dies right there)
(Leviatan uses Dragon Pulse, which badly hurts Orocheight)
(Orocheight grunts and uses Gyro Ball, which doesn't do much to Leviatan)
(Leviatan rebounds with an Earthquake, blinding a few more heads)
(Orocheight looks up and uses Bulldoze, which causes Leviatan to hesitate)
(Leviatan gets over it quickly and uses Surf, almost drowning Orocheight)
(Orocheight gets out of the water and gets a sudden burst of energy.)
(He runs over to Leviatan and makes his remaining heads grab him.)
Leviatan: Orocheight, you can't beat me. I'll always be able to kill you. Let me guess, you're going to say, 'In your dreams.' Right?
Orocheight: Leviatan. If you ever dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize.
(Orocheight uses Venoshock. A Critical Hit.)
(His 7 more heads all Venoshock Leviatan before dropping his lifeless body to the ground)
(Orocheight goes up and eats the sun as an after-battle snack.)

Pain: Wow, that ending line. This was kind of even, but not by much.
Me: Leviatan could half the speed of all Pokemon on the field, but we're assuming all of them have the same stats.
Pain: Orocheight had Bulldoze to make use of Apophoes's ability, and of course his own ability was God tier. And sure Leviatan could give everyone a status condition, but that won't help in the long run.
Me: The winner is Orocheight.

Next Time on Death Battle!
Ninja VS Samurai!
The debate continues, but like we say, it's time to end this debate once and for all.
Greninja vs Samurott.

Heya! Thanks for reading! Thanks to @Lord Of Pain for creating these awesome characters and to @Eeveechu151 for the new design!
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    Sep 22, 2016
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    Sep 22, 2016
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    This is gonna be wild! :D
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    This looks awesome! Can't wait to see how the battle will turn out.
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