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Death Battle!: Death Battle: Pinsir vs Heracross

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 Time to kick off season 2! The 2 mutant bugs fight to the death.
Me: After taking a break from Death Battle, time to start Season 2! Bluefox: Pinsir, the bug who I think is a robot. Me: And Herracross, the unicorn bug. Bluefox: He's Mewtwofan and I'm Bluefox! Me: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Bluefox: Pinsir is a bipedal Pokémon with a wide, dull brown body and a large pair of gray, spiky pincers on top of its head. Me: In its mouth are many long, flat teeth arranged horizontally. Its legs are short and thick while its arms are long and thin, and each limb ends with three grey claws. Bluefox: Pinsir's limbs and abdomen are divided into segments. Its eyes are simple, but usually appear angry. Me: It can use its pincers to crush, toss, bludgeon, or tear opponents, lift things twice its weight, and shatter logs. Captured prey is kept in place by the piercing thorns and sheer strength of Pinsir's horns, and will not be released until they are torn in half. Bluefox: In addition to hunting prey, the anime has shown that it enjoys tree sap. Pinsir lives deep in the forest, where it burrows underground or hides in the treetops on nights cold enough to render it immobile. Me: But this thing is not done, if it needs to, it will become Mega Pinsir. Bluefox: As Mega Pinsir, it gains a large pair of clear wings with an area of orange venation. Additionally, a set of wing coverings appear. Me: On each wing cover is a pair of large, thin, orange blades. Its arms become longer and more segmented, with triangular extensions on its lower arms. Bluefox: The pincers on its head are now longer with larger spikes, and its eyes are now yellow. Me: But Pinsir does not always succeed. But if it fails to crush the victim in its pincers, it will swing it around and toss it hard. Bluefox: This thing can use the moves Earthquake, Brick Break, X-Scissor, and Hyper Beam. Me: This is one bug you don't want to squash. (Pinsir makes his cry)

Bluefox: Heracross is a bipedal, beetle-like Pokémon covered in a blue exoskeleton. There is a long, pronged horn on its forehead. Me: The horn ends in a cross on the male and a heart-shape in the female. On either side of the horn is a short antenna with a spherical tip. Bluefox: Heracross has oval, yellow eyes. Its forearms have a pair of spikes, while its thighs have a single spike each. It has two claws on its hands, and a single long claw on each foot. Me: Heracross's claws allow it to dig into the ground for sturdy footing or climb trees. Using its horn, it throws opponents or competitors for food. Bluefox: It lives in forests, where it feeds on tree sap. As seen in the anime, Heracross has been known to compete with Pokémon such as Pinsir for food. Me: Maybe that's why their fighting today. Anyway, The same episode also shows Heracross allowing Butterfree to feed on tree sap after Heracross has finished its meal. Bluefox: In addition, it is shown to suck sap from Grass-type Pokémon such as Bulbasaur. But just like Pinsir, he can Mega Evolve and he gets stronger when he does. Me: Mega Heracross is bulkier than its previous form. Thin orange markings now rim its head, hands, and shoulders. Additionally, there is a half-circle, orange marking over its eyes. Bluefox: It now has a long, pointed nose that curves slightly upward. Its back now lacks wings and is completely yellow. The horn on its head has grown into a large, simple spike with two smaller spikes on the front. Me: The antennae have lengthened as well, and now have ovoid tips. Mega Heracross's forearms have thickened and lost their spines. This Pokémon has a high body temperature, so it opens the shell on its torso to allow heat to escape. Bluefox: It can learn the moves Venoshock, Dig, Brick Break and Hyper Beam. Me: Lets's see how the 2 match up!

Me: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all! Bluefox: It's time for a Death Battle!

(Heracross is sitting in a forest, eating tree sap)
(Pinsir comes into the clearing and tries to eat the sap)
(Heracross pushes Pinsir away and he roars)
Pinkfox: Fight!
(Heracross grabs Pinsir and picks him up but Pinsir uses Brick Break)
(Heracross falls on the ground and Pinsir jumps on him)
(Heracross uses Venoshock, knocking his attacker off)
(Pinsir gets back up and locks arms with Heracross)
(Heracross hits Pinsir with his horn knocking him into a tree)
(Pinsir gets back up, but this time with wings. Mega Pinsir was here)
(Mega Pinsir goes up in the air, then dive bombing Heracross)
(Heracross gets back up but Mega Pinsir uses X-Scissor)
(Heracross is angry now, he screams and turns into Mega Heracross)
(He hits Pinsir with his giant horn, knocking him to the ground)
(Heracross comes up and uses Dig)
(Pinsir looks for Heracross before he comes from under and knocks some of his teeth out)
(Pinsir gets up and uses Earthquake. Sending Heracross into a mine.)
(Pinsir fly's down before Heracross punches him really hard)
(The 2 then both launch a Hyper Beam at the same time)
(There is a giant explosion that sends the 2 flying)
(Pinsir gets up and limps over to Heracross)
(He picks up Heracross in his horns and snaps him clean in 2)
Greenfox: K.O.

Bluefox: This was a VERY close match. Me: The only things that gave Pinsir his win was his mega's ability to fly, and his super strong horns. Bluefox: This match was so close, when we were researching, even we couldn't agree on who should win! Me: But I geuss Heracross, got his win torn apart. Bluefox: The winner is Pinsir.

Next time on Death Battle!
Fire... Electricity...
Magma... Generator...
Magmortar... Electivire...
  1. Mewtwofan259
    Next episode is Magmortar and Electivire Blue...
    Nov 6, 2015
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  2. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    AWESOME!!! Not to big, not to small! And the episode after the next is..... Birdz.....I think.
    Nov 6, 2015
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