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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Nidoqueen vs Nidoking

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The 2 counterparts fight in a Death Battle!
Greenfox: This episode of Death Battle is sponsored by E3 (not really) Pinkfox: Make sure you go for information on upcoming games and other stuff.

Greenfox: These 2 have been rivals since they both existed. Pinkfox: And just about everybody wants to know the answer of the old household question. Boy or girl? Greenfox: Today we are going to answer that question. Pinkfox: Nidoqueen, the female counterpart. Greenfox: And Nidoking, the male counterpart. Pinkfox: He's Greenfox and i'm Pinkfox. Greenfox: We're taking the place of your hosts for this very special episode of Death Battle.

Pinkfox: Nidoqueen is a large, bipedal blue Pokémon with distinct reptilian features. Its lower jaw, chest plates and lower torso are cream-colored. It has a horn on its forehead, narrow black eyes, and large, spiny ears. There are toxic spikes running down the length of its back, and its body in encased in extremely hard scales that serves as excellent protection from any attack and stand up when Nidoqueen is excited or provoked. It has a thick, powerful tail. This is a female only species; the male counterpart is Nidoking, who is also her combatant. She is the more defensive of the 2. Nidoqueen can be quite fierce and is very protective over its young. This Pokémon is at its strongest when it is defending its young, and will try to seal the entrance to its burrow to protect them. When in contact with foes, it can poison them with the spikes from its back or cause small tremors by slamming the ground. It is also adept at sending foes flying with harsh tackles and it uses its hefty bulk to execute powerful moves. Nidoqueen lives in hot savannas and plains. It has the ability Poison Point, meaning that it has a chance to poison it's attacker. It also has its own attacks in the form of Body Slam, Earth Power, Chip Away, and Superpower. While females aren't that strong in real life, this Pokémon disagrees. (Nidoqueen makes her cry)

Greenfox: Nidoking is a large, bipedal, purple Pokémon with distinct reptilian features. It has small, narrow eyes, large, spiny ears, fur-like tufts on its cheeks, and a short snout filled with pointed teeth. There is a long, venomous horn on its forehead. It has a gray chest and belly plates, three claws on each hand, rounded spines on its elbows, and a single large nail on each foot. There is a ridge of long spines down its back, and it has a long, powerful tail. This is a male only species; the female counterpart is Nidoqueen, who is also his combatant. Nidoking is the stronger attacker of the 2. It is said that Nidoking's tail is capable of toppling a metal transmission tower. Nidoking uses this tail to smash, constrict, or break the bones of its prey and enemies. The tail can be swung to create distance between it and its foes before Nidoking charges. Its steel-like hide adds to its powerful, rampaging charges. Nidoking lives in grasslands, rough terrain, and forests. It has the ability Rivalry, meaning it does more damage to a male Pokémon. Some of the attacks that it has include Megahorn, Double Kick, Peck, and Thrash. Males are usually very strong in real life. This Pokémon agrees. (Nidoking makes his cry)

Greenfox: Alright the combatants are set, lets end this debate once and for all! Pinkfox: It's time for a Death Battle!

(Nidoqueen is walking with her children when Nidoking appears) (Nidoqueen's spikes stand up as she walks toward Nidoking) Me: Fight! (Nidoqueen tries to headbutt Nidoking but his tail blocks it) (Nidoking follows up with a Double Kick) (Nidoqueen slams into Nidoking, sending him flying) (She fallows up with an Earth Power) (Nidoking jumps out of the smoke with his claws ready and he strikes Nidoqueen) (Nidoqueen uses Body Slam and knocks Nidoking to the ground) (Nidoqueen then slams her fist into the ground, causing Nidoking to start violently shaking) (Nidoqueen uses this opportunity to use Chip Away) (She takes a moment to laugh while Nidoking gets up) (Nidoking uses Megahorm and sends Nidoqueen flying) (Nidoking then uses that opportunity to attack Nidoqueen's children) (Nidoqueen then gasps and jumps on Nidoking) (She starts delivering blow after blow into his stomach) (Nidoking uses his tail to push her away and uses Thrash) (The move hits her back and Nidoking falls to the ground, he was poisoned) (Nidoqueen charges up Superpower, aims it at his chin, and fires) (Nidoking's head comes clean off and Nidoqueen takes her children to a Pokémon Center) Bluefox: K.O.

Greenfox: Awww, I geuss girls are better. Pinkfox: Nidoqueen had the advantage here for 3 reasons.
1: Her ability to poison was stronger than any of Nidokings attacks)
2: Once Nidoking messed with her children, he dug his own grave.
3: Being more defensive than offensive, she could easily overpower him.
Greenfox: Let me explain, Nidoking was a good attacker, but those attacks didn't do much because Nidoqueen has good Defense. Pinkfox: But Nidoking does not, so Nidoqueen could just use her own strong attacks. Greenfox: Nidoking just couldn't keep his head in the game. Pinkfox: The winner is Nidoqueen.

Next time on Death Battle!
Voice: The millennium comet. It only appears once every 1000 years, and only for a week. But during that week, a Pokémon awakes.
Another Voice: Don't go to deep into the forest, the voice of the forest might take you away.
  1. Splashfur
    O-O ...the Nidoking's head came off...
    May 29, 2017
  2. SonicAaron
    Do Greninja Vs Ninjask Vs Shedinja! Who is the best ninja Pokemon?
    Jun 16, 2015
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  3. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Woo hoo! Blue rules!
    Jun 11, 2015
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