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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Magearna vs Diancie

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The 2 Beautiful Look-Alikes fight in a Death Battle! (All information comes from Bulbapedia.com)
Mewtwo: Beauty is, "a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses."
Pain: Either organic or artificial, usually everyone strives to look good.
Eeveechu: Apply this concept to Pokémon, and you get the Fairy type. Arguably the most powerful type in the game.
Pain: I can testify to that.
Peridot: This time, we have 2 Mythical Fairy types, imbued with ancient beauty.
Mewtwo: These kind Fairies also posses minerals inside them, as well as interesting origins. They also seem to share the same basic design.
Pain: And as a special thank you to @DopeLeafeon470, we will now be stopping our style of just copy/pasting information.
Eeveechu: This battle has been a long time coming, and been requested for a while. Now, it's finally here!
Peridot: Magearna, the artificial Pokémon.
Mewtwo: And Diancie, the Jewel Pokémon.
Pain: He's Mewtwofan and I'm Lord of Pain!
Eeveechu: The name is Eeveechu151.
Peridot: And I'm PeridotPikipek!
Mewtwo: And it's our jobs to analyze their movepools, stats, and abilities to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Pain: 500 Years ago, there was an ancient civilization that was dependent on machines.
Eeveechu: The ruler here was a kind King, with a beautiful daughter. The King decided to present his daughter with a gift.
Peridot: An artificial Pokémon, like none had ever seen before. Imbued with the ability to read emotions, help injured Pokémon, and protect his daughter at all costs.
Mewtwo: Standing at 3'03 Feet and 177.5 pounds, Magearna was the next step in Pokémon history, being quite possibly the first artificial Pokémon.
Pain: It is speculated that Magearna's creation alone is what sparked the new age of Artificial Pokémon, among the likes of Porygon and Mewtwo.
Mewtwo: Thanks for making me exist, Magearna!
Eeveechu: Magearna's true body is the Soul Heart. An object created by getting the life force from other Pokémon.
Peridot: This Soul-Heart allows Magearna to curl up like a Pokeball and giving it a special attack boost whenever a Pokémon faints.
Mewtwo: Being a Steel/Fairy Type, Magearna is weak to Fire and Ground, and is immune to Poison and Ground.
Pain: Magearna is also resistant to... (Deep Breath) Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dark and Fairy.
Eeveechu: Magearna's no slouch when it comes to stats, either. 60 Speed, 80 HP, 95 Attack, 115 in both Defenses, and 130 Special Attack.
Peridot: Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, and Shift Gear are the moves we've decided to give them.
Mewtwo: Other than wrecking most competitive players dreams-
Pain: Agreed!
Mewtwo: Magearna has accomplished some impressive stuff. It is said that their Soul Heart alone is enough to power this city of machines.
Pain: No wonder the Daughter was so happy. The King essentially gave her a power plant.
Eeveechu: Carbink are normal Pokémon found in caves all across Kalos and Alola.
Peridot: But they were weak. They needed something that could protect them from the gem-snatching Sableyes.
Mewtwo: There was one Carbink that stood above all. A queen of some sort. And under unknown circumstances, it underwent a mutation.
Pain: The queen transformed from a lowly Carbink, to the most beautiful Pokémon of all.
Eeveechu: The Carbink becomes Diancie. Though not much of a size change, Diancie is much stronger then their counterparts.
Peridot: Diancie has the ability to compress the carbon atoms in the air around them to form diamonds, using these Diamonds for self-defense.
Mewtwo: Diancie is kind and just ruler, being able to protect their travel partners from illnesses and injuries.
Pain: It can also absorb light an emit it in a beautiful radiance. But the purpose of this radiance is known.
Eeveechu: Diancie's ability is Clear Body, which prevents Pokémon from changing its stats.
Peridot: It has a pretty diverse moveset, as well. Other than its signature move, Diamond Storm, Diancie also has access to Calm Mind, Moonblast, and Light Screen.
Mewtwo: Diancie's stats are pretty balanced. 50 in HP and Speed, 100 in both attacks, and 150 in both Defenses.
Pain: But there was still a problem. Diancie wasn't powerful enough. But, with its kindness, it was easily able to build up a bond with many people.
Eeveechu: And with its minerals and stones in place, Diancie became one of only 2 legendaries to ever Mega Evolve.
Peridot: Mega Diancie is even more Beautiful. Often being referred to as, 'The Royal Pink Princess.'
Eeveechu: Ace Attorney calls Copyright claim...
Mewtwo: The stats increase by 100 Points. Through HP stays the same, Mega Diancie has 110 in both Defenses and Speed. Taking on a more offensive style, they now have 160 in both Attacks.
Pain: Mega Diancie has a different ability now, too. Magic Bounce. Any stat changing move will be bounced back.
Eeveechu: Both Diancie and Mega Diancie are Rock/Fairy Types, meaning that they're weak to Ground, Steel, Water and Grass. They're also resistant to Normal, Flying, Bug, Fire, and Dark, while being immune to Dragon.
Peridot: They say a person can either have Beauty, Brawn, or Brains, but Diancie shows that it's possible to have all 3.
Mewtwo: Alright, the combatants are set!
Pain: And the battlefield is ready.
Eeveechu: Let's end this debate once and for all!
Peridot: It's time for a Death Battle!

(Anistar City, a beautiful town)
(The clock strikes 7, and the sundial in the city starts to glow)
(The glimmering sun causes the rings on it to glow)
(A girl and her Pokémon watch on in awe.)
(The girl is the King's Daughter, and the Pokémon is an earlier version of Magearna)
(A beautiful Pokemon, Diancie, comes out of the sundial)
(That was 500 years ago)
(In present day, Magearna is sitting on the dock of Anistar City, looking down at the water)
(The clock strikes 7, and the light glitters through the Sundial)
(Magearna looks up, as Diancie comes out of it)
(Magearna curls up into a ball, sad and scared)
(Diancie looks at Magearna, sensing their sad feelings)
(Diancie floats down, sitting next to Magearna and trying to calm them)
*ReaLiTY WaRp!*
Mewtwo: Yeah, no. As cute of ship this would be, you have to kill eachother.
*Mewtwo tampers with Magearna's wiring, before teleporting away.*
(Magearna stands up, winds up, and punches Magearna with all of their force)
(Diancie is sent flying backwards, right into the sundial)
(The entire sundial cracks and shatters into a million pieces, all of them falling into the ocean)
(Diancie flies back up to eye level with Magearna)
(Magearna shifts their Gears Together, raising their Attack and Speed)
(Diancie tries to calm Magearna)
(When it fails, Diance puts up a Light Screen.)
(The light energy from inside Magearna releases as a Flash Cannon)
(Diancie dodges out of the way, appearing behind Magearna)
(They shoot a blast from the Moon, which Magearna ducks under)
(The force of the blast destroys the ground they're standing on and sends the two fighters into the water)
(Magearna flies out, looking around)
(When Diancie comes out, Magearna quickly turns around)
(They use Fleur Cannon, sending Diancie flying and into a nearby building, bringing it down)
(Magearna falls on a knee, their Special Attack Lowered)
(Diancie is injured, but they use Calm Mind to raise their own Special Attack)
(Magearna rushes forward, using Dazzling Gleam, not doing much to Diancie)
(Diancie sighs, pushing Magearna backwards, and giving them one more chance to back down)
(Magearna shakes their head, before rushing forward)
(Diancie creates a bunch diamonds in a Diamond Storm, sticking them into Magearna)
(Magearna stumbles backwards, falling to the ground.)
(They stand back up, filled with anger)
(Magearna forcefully rips the Diamonds out of their body before walking forward)
(Diancie holds their hands together, as Energy comes from them.)
(The energy circles Diancie, and a symbol appears on it)
(Magearna seems confused and frightened)
(Mega Diancie comes out, making their battle cry.)
(They run fly above Magearna, before using Moonblast again)
(Magearna curls up into a Pokeball, taking the attack)
(Magearna rolls away, coming back up and pointing their arm at Mega Diancie)
(They use Dazzling Gleam, the pieces striking Mega Diancie's back)
(Mega Diancie turns around, and sees Magearna's terrified look)
(They raise their Special Attack again with Calm Mind)
(Magearna flies back on top of a building and uses Shift Gear)
(Mega Diancie lands on that same building, staring at Magearna)
(Magearna rushes forward)
(Mega Diancie puts up their Light Screen again)
(It weakens the power of Magearna's Flash Cannon)
(Magearna then punches, pushing Mega Diancie off the building)
(Mega Diancie hovers up really fast before creating a bunch of diamonds again)
(When they shoot them at Magearna, they destroy the ceiling of the building they're on top of, dodging the attack as they fall through)
(Magearna eyes Mega Diancie through the hole in the ceiling and ready their attack)
(A Fleur Cannon flies out of Magearna's arm, sending Mega Diancie flying)
(They try and slow down, but they smash into the gym, slamming into the ground)
(Magearna stands up, their Special Attack Lowered again)
(They limp over to the gym, smashing open the door)
(Magearna walks over to the crippled Mega Diancie, creating energy with their arm)
(Mega Diancie grabs Magearna's leg, tripping them)
(Magearna falls to the ground, and Mega Diancie gets on top of them)
(They grasp their hands around Magearna's neck)
(Magearna's body transformed. From the inside out, they become a Diamond Statue)
(Mega Diancie grabs a piece of nearby rubble and smashes Magearna's head open like they did the Sundial)
(They turn back into their normal form and pass out)

Mewtwo: For the record, I do ship Diana. (Diancie, Magearna... It's clever, come on.)
Pain: Back to the topic at hand, both had many advantages going for them.
Eeveechu: One main point that we argued about was Magearna's ability to predict their opponents moves.
Peridot: This ability, while enough to allow them to dodge many of Diancie's attacks, wasn't very impressive compared to Diancie.
Mewtwo: Diancie can turn Carbon Atoms into Diamonds. Carbon atoms are found in almost all types of Steel.
Pain: One hit from Diancie would turn Magearna into Diamond, making them unable to attack or dodge.
Eeveechu: And it was more likely than not that they would hit this attack. Mega Diancie's Speed advantage being one of the reasons.
Peridot: Another reason was that Magearna couldn't dodge forever, while Diancie only needed one hit to win.
Mewtwo: Let's look at that chart.

HP: Magearna
Attack: Diancie
Defense: Both
Special Attack: Diancie
Special Defense: Both
Speed: Both
Stamina: N/A
Movepool: Magearna
Typing: Magearna
Ability: N/A
Overall Strength: Diancie
Total Score: Magearna-6 Diancie-6

Pain: Yes, their scores are equal, but that 'Overall Strength' advantage is high enough compared to Magearna to tack on a few points.
Eeveechu: The winner is Diancie.

Next Time on Death Battle!
Majestic creatures of the deep sea.
But they can be fiercer then you might imagine.
Like, maybe Sea... Dragons?

Thanks for reading. I'd like to give a very special thanks to my collaborators, @Lord Of Pain, @Eeveechu151, and @PeridotPikipek. Be sure to check out our sister series, Clash of Code, on Eeveechu's profile.
I'll see you next time!
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    And of course I'd be the one to make the Ace Attorney joke xD
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    Dang, Magearna is sure immune to a lot of things. :'|
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    But then again Diancie can mega evolve..... :?
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