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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Kyurem vs Genesect

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The 2 powerful Unova Legendaries used by Team Plasma fight in a Death Battle! (All information comes from Bulbapedia.com)
Me: Well, not only are we answering by far the biggest debate we've had in research, but it's also a very special day. Happy Birthday Pain!
Pain: Thank you! But back on topic, Team Plasma is a powerful evil team. In fact, Mewtwo just left Team Plasma to join the Aether Foundation.
Eeveechu: They've even lent a hand to powerful legendary Pokémon, who just so happen to form-change! We have Kyurem, The Most Powerful Dragon-Type Pokémon.
Me: And Genesect, the charming creatures that my cousin lives with.
Pain: He's Mewtwofan and I'm Lord of Pain!
Eeveechu: The name is Eeveechu151.
Me: In the honor of Pain's birthday, it's our job to analyze their Stats, Movepools, and Abilities to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Pain: Kyurem is a gray and blue, bipedal Pokémon of indefinable but seemingly draconic basis. Kyurem has a blue head and snout and has yellow eyes without pupils, has a pair of pointed light bluish horns on its head and a yellow crest on its skull.
Eeveechu: Three pointed teeth jut out the bottom of either side of its jaws, which are frozen shut by the ice covering its head. Its long, gray neck has lines running around its whole body, legs, arms and tail. Wow, I just got a chill down my spine.
Me: It has two arms, each with its own claw and each arm is jointed together from its oddly shaped blue wings, which are believed to be used for flying and storing cold air. Each wing has two spikes of ice.
Pain: The ice covering the wings can break, revealing gray tendril-like appendages on Kyurem's back. The right side of its body seems to be damaged in some way, as the wing and horn on its head on that side are shorter.
Eeveechu: The right side of its head also has a spiked edge near its jaw hinge that is absent from its left. Its legs are somewhat slender, and has three sharp ice-like claws on each enormous foot. Its tail has three blue conical spikes on its tip, and appears to be some sort of propulsion device or a container of energy.
Pain: Exactly what it is based on is unclear, but it may be a damaged turbine. Kyurem generates a powerful, freezing energy inside itself, but its body became frozen when the energy leaked out. Due to an old legend, it may be assumed Kyurem may be hostile towards Pokémon and humans, due to the fact it supposedly ate them if they were found outside at night. It is said to be an extraterrestrial Pokémon according to folklore. Kyurem is the only Pokémon that can learn Glaciate.
Eeveechu: Speaking of moves Kyurem also has Stone Edge, Ice Beam, and Giga Impact. It's stats are also pretty good. 90 in both Defenses, 95 Speed, 125 HP, and 130 in both Attacks.
Me: But, we're barley even scratching the surface of this beast. Combined with a legendary using a mythical item, Kyurem can change forms, giving you either Black Kyurem, or White Kyurem.
Pain: When transformed into either, its legs are just like before, but shorter and the middle toe is now ice. As White Kyurem, it has some extra icy details on the legs. Its tail resembles that of Reshiram or Zekrom, but they are attached to the body with three gray parts of skin.
Eeveechu: The tail is capable of movement and contains four holes: they are horizontal on White Kyurem and vertical on Black Kyurem. The torsos of each form are similar, but White Kyurem's torso is more slim than Black Kyurem's bulky torso.
Me: It's shoulders are covered in 'squares' of ice with two pins protruding from each which can come out and 'plug in' the aforementioned holes. As White Kyurem, it has thin arms with two rings and three claws each, wings between the rings on its forearms, and its right arm and wing are frozen.
Pain: As Black Kyurem, it has Zekrom's arms, but more muscular and without wings, and its left arm and wing are frozen. Its neck is the same shape, but is now upright; White Kyurem uses Reshiram's fur and Black Kyurem uses Zekrom's skin. In both forms, the ice covering one of Kyurem's jaws (upper for White Kyurem, lower for Black Kyurem) has partially disappeared, allowing it to move its mouth.
Eeveechu: With the change into it's alternate forms, it gains new moves. Black Kyurem has Outrage, Freeze Shock, Stone Edge, and Fusion Bolt, while White Kyurem has Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, and Fusion Flare.
Me: When transformed into White Kyurem, it has 90 HP, 95 Speed, 120 Attack, 125 HP, and 170 Special Attack. Black Kyurem has 90 Special Defense, 95 Speed, 100 Defense, 120 Special Attack, 125 HP, and 170 Attack.
Pain: While normal Kyurem has the standard Pressure ability, which makes it's opponent use more PP. But White Kyurem and Black Kyurem have Turboblaze and Terabolt respectively. Which let's them use moves regardless of abilities.
Eeveechu: This thing serves as the final challenge for the Swords of Justice, and it even froze them solid. In fact, Kyurem's Ultracold Air is so cold, that a consentrated blast can freeze an entire city! Watch out, cool kid coming through! really Overall, there's a reason why this thing is known as the most powerful Dragon-Type Pokémon.
(Kyurem: "You wish to challenge me... 'Sword of Justice?'")

Me: Genesect is a bipedal, insectoid Pokémon with a metal body and a saucer-shaped head. It is primarily purple with several gray markings. It has two large red eyes and a small white part that could be either its mouth or a vent.
Pain: It has thin arms with overlapping segments. Each arm ends with a single, pointed claw. There is a gray circle on each shoulder, and a gray band around its abdomen. Its segmented legs each end with a large, upward curving claw.
Eeveechu: cannon on its back and other enhancements were apparently added as part of the bizarre modifications made to it by Team Plasma. It is the Only Pokémon capable of learning the move Techno Blast, an attack which changes type depending on the Drive it holds.
Me: Without any drives, it's Normal Type, with the Burn Drive, it's Fire Type, with the Douse Drive, it's Water Type, with the Shock Drive, it's Electric Type, and with the Chill Drive, it's an Ice Type move. We also gave it Magnet Bomb, Iron Head, and Dark Pulse.
Pain: It is indicated that even before Team Plasma powered up Genesect, it was a skilled and ruthless hunter. By folding up its limbs and connecting its head to the cannon on its back, Genesect can assume a flying saucer-like form, allowing it to fly. This form is known as the High-Speed Flight Form, and is so fast that it can keep up with a Mega Mewtwo Y.
Eeveechu: It can also spin a sticky string from its claws, which becomes solid after a few seconds. Genesect was revived from a Fossil, probably a Kabutops, and technologically enhanced by Team Plasma to create the most powerful Pokémon ever.
Me: But they failed, as they tied my cousin and now live with her. Anyway, N had the project cancelled and the P2 Laboratory closed because he felt that Pokémon, who he thought to be perfect beings, would lose their beauty if modified by science. However, Scientist Dudley kept working on it, angry that N denied his talent. This scientist reconstructed Genesect and installed the cannon on its back
Pain: It's ability is Download, which compares an opposing Pokémon's Defense and Sp. Defense stats before raising its own Attack or Sp. Attack stat—whichever will be more effective. As for stats, it has 71 in HP, 95 in both Defenses, 99 in Speed, and 120 in both Attacks.
Eeveechu: This mite be the scariest bug I've ever seen, but I'm just saying that on the fly. Genesect can do some real damage, with or without it's group.
(Genesect: "Home... I want to go home...")

Me: Alright, the combatants are set!
Eeveechu: Let's end this debate once and for all!
Pain: It's time for a Death Battle!

(The Plasma Laboratory, there are 5 Pokémon standing in containers)
(The Pokémon all break out, shooting lasers and bringing the building down)
(There's a man standing outside, looking into the sky)
Colress: Genesect...
(The giant chasm, the Team Plasma leader, Ghetsis, is staring at an ice dragon)
(The ice dragon is defeated by a trainer and flies into the distance)
(Ghetsis points his sword into the air.)
Ghetsis: Kyurem!
(There's an abandoned mineshaft, a group of Genesect land at the entrance)
Red Genesect: I've never sensed power greater than what I'm sensing in there.
(The Geneseect transform into flight mode and fly into the mineshaft)
(They all land on a platform, and an Ice beam comes out of nowhere and freezes 4 of the Genesect solid, including the red one.)
(The one that wasn't frozen falls to the bottom of the mineshaft, seeing a pair of eyes.)
(Kyurem walks out of a cave, icecicles making an arena around the Genesect and him)
Kyurem: You dare enter my territory?!
(The Genesect gets up and points it's cannon at Kyurem.)
Genesect: For the sake of my friends... I will fight to the very end!
(Genesect launces a Techno Blast. It's normal-type, so it doesn't hurt the hulking dragon-type.)
(Kyurem jumps forward and sends out another Ice Beam, which knocks Genesect into one of the icecicles)
(The Genesect turns into Flight mode and flies onto Kyurem's back)
(Genesect uses Magnet Bomb onto the back of Kyurem's Head, making him stumble)
(Kyurem shakes off Genesect and hits him it with Glaciate in mid air)
(Genesect is launched out of the arena, causing the icecicles to collapse)
(Genesect smashes into the rock wall and just gets up and shakes it off)
(From 50 Feet away, the Genesect points it's cannon at Kyurem and sends out a Dark Pulse, which barley phases Kyurem)
Kyurem: I've had enough of this!
(Kyurem charges towards Genesect and uses Giga Impact, which breaks through the rock wall and sends them both to a deeper part of the cave)
(Gensect gets up on his knees and smashes into Kyurem with Iron Head)
(Seeing that Kyurem can't move, Genesect switches in a Freeze Drive and uses Techno Blast, knocking the beast a few feet)
(Kyurem shakes his head and uses Stone Edge, which Genesect barley avoids with his flight mode)
(Kyurem is breathing heavy, but he soon starts laughing)
Kyurem: Alright, you've had your fun? Let's really start to play!
(The DNA Splicers attach to Kyurem's tail, making it glow red.)
(Genesect uses this time to fly away)
(Kyurem lands back on the ground, now White Kyurem)
White Kyurem: Now where is that son of a gun?! Oh when I get my hands on him he is going to-
(Genesect flies behind Kyurem and launches sticky web into his head. It turns solid, then Genesect rips it out)
(Kyurem screams and falls to the ground, giving Genesect ample time to switch in a Burn Drive)
(Genesect sends out a firey Techno Blast, stunning Kyurem even more)
(White Kyurem growls and swings his generator, tripping Genesect.)
(Kyurem stands up and uses Shadow Ball, stunning Genesect)
(Genesect turns his cannon backwards and fires Dark Pulse, sending White Kyurem into a nearby wall.)
(Kyurem bounces forward and sends out a Dragon Pulse, knocking Genesect onto his back)
(White Kyurem takes a moment to charge up his generator, giving Genesect the opportunity to use Iron Head, not even phasing Kyurem, even though it hurts)
(Kyurem shakes his head and uses Ice Beam, stunning the mechanical bug)
(Genesect creates a Magnet Bomb and throws it at White Kyurem, knocking him to the ground)
(Kyurem chuckles and stands up, his generator finished charging)
(A Fusion Flare flies towards Genesect, hitting him square on)
(When the smoke clears, there's a Genesect head on the ground)
(White Kyurem chuckles)
White Kyurem: I got to hand it to you, you did pretty good. But I guess you kind of just, lost your head.
(Genesect flies up from behind Kyurem and uses an Electric-Type Techno Blast.)
(The Genesect lands, it has the Genesect body, but a Kabutops head)
(The Kabutops puts back on it's mask)
Genesect: I may have lost your head, but you lost your mind.
(White Kyurem stands up, and it's Generator starts glowing again)
(The White Kyurem creates ice shards, which fly all over the place.)
(White Kyurem switches into Black Kyurem to the surprise of Genesect)
(Genesect looks up at the giant dragon, and gets hit with Stone Edge)
(Genesect flies up and sends more Magnet Bombs, breaking some of the ice off of Kyurem's shoulders.)
(Black Kyurem is Outraged, he attacks Genesect.)
(Genesect switches in the Douse Drive, then sends a Water-Type Techno Blast. This goes on for 3 turns until Kyurem gets confused)
(Genesect uses Dark Pulse, hitting Black Kyurem in the head)
(Black Kyurem tries to use Fusion Bolt, but hits himself in confusion.)
(Genesect chuckles, and hits Kyurem with Iron Head.)
(Black Kyurem roars and uses Freeze Shock, sending Genesect into the wall)
(Kyurem concentrates, before releasing it's full array of Ultracold air)
(Genesect turns into flight mode and flies out of the mineshaft)
(When he returns, he finds Kyurem in his normal form, almost all of his body frozen over.)
(Genesect sends out his sticky web, attaching Kyurem's arms and legs to the wall, before ripping them out of their sockets)
(Genesect releases his fellow Genesect, then puts the left over ice from Kyurem's body into bags)
Genesect: I've found a new way to keep our systems from overheating.)

Me: Well, my cousin, that female Mewtwo, said that Genesect took her out for a celebratory dinner, and used ice cubes he brought from home in their drinks... At first, this may seem like a stomp for Kyurem, but it's really a stomp for Genesect,
Pain: Genesect is fast in it's high-speed flight mode, so it can clearly avoid a lot of Kyurem's attacks. Not to mention that it's "Earth's Greatest Hunter."
Eeveechu: Ah, yes. Earth's Greatest Hunter. Genesect was able to keep up with and tie with a Mewtwo while it's canon that Kyurem lost to Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion individually.
Me: But then we remembered that Kyurem's Ultracold air can freeze an entire city. But, we found out that if Kyurem's body gets too cold, his body will freeze over.
Pain: So, we determined that the cold has to be about absolute zero. And ladies and gentlemen, what is Ultracold air? It's absolute zero.
Eeveechu: After that, not even Nurse Joy would be able to Kyurem. The winner is Genesect.

Next Time on Death Battle!
You ever wonder where the Machine's AI is before it's host is created?
01010111 01100001 01101110 01110100 00100000 01010100 01101111 00100000 01000110 01101001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01001111 01110101 01110100 00111111
"I was supposed to be a Pokémon. I've been trapped here for many years... Forgotten... alone... cancelled... But now you show up. An artificial Pokémon, still waiting to be activated, Right now, you're just a bunch of 1's and zeroes. I'll destroy you, I'll take your host body, and I. Will. Return!"
April 25th...
Porygon Z vs Missingno

Heya! Thanks for reading. Special shout out goes to @Eeveechu151 and @Lord Of Pain for their amazing research work, and stay tuned for the next battle!
  1. Mewtwofan259
    @DopeLeafeon Death Battles don't follow traditional Pokémon Lore. I just want to see two Pokémon Fight, and that's what everyone else wants to see.
    Aug 10, 2017
  2. DopeLeafeon470
    In other words,
    Reshiram and Zekrom need to be there respectively in order to turn into White or Black Kyurem, because it needs that DNA to copy and fuse.
    Aug 10, 2017
  3. Mewtwofan259
    Aug 9, 2017
  4. DopeLeafeon470
    "But, we're barley even scratching the surface of this beast. Combined with a legendary using a mythical item, Kyurem can change forms, giving you either Black Kyurem, or White Kyurem."
    Partially DING! But also ERR!
    First off, the mythical item is called the DNA Splicers.
    Second off, Zekrom or Reshiram have to be there in order to make that form.
    Now you may be thinking But there's no backup
    Well, take a look at ScrewAttack and their One Minute Melee!
    In there, they had Kirby Vs. Pac-Man.
    There is no backup allowed, yet, Kirby can use copy abilities.
    And seeing how Kyurem has that ability (except with an item and only two of them)
    This should be corrected.
    Aug 9, 2017
  5. Mewtwofan259
    @TooBlue12 I made some changes to the battle, to the "Next Time On Death Battle" Section.
    Apr 23, 2017
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  6. Mewtwofan259
    Dec 12, 2016
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  7. TooBlue12
    I think that Kyurem will be the winner. :)
    He is really.....cool <.>
    Okay okay, I might have just chosen him so that I could use these puns. I know, I gotta chill out and not use so many puns. They are pretty badly made ones anyway. :'|:D
    Dec 10, 2016
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  8. Mewtwofan259
    Dec 10, 2016
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