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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Donphan vs Sandslash

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The 2 sand beasts fight in a Death Battle!
Bluefox: Sand beasts are very popular around Pokémon. Me: But none are stronger then these 2. Bluefox: Donphan, the metal elephant! Me: And Sandslash, the Sonic wanna be. Bluefox: He's Mewtwofan and i'm Bluefox! Me: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Bluefox: Donphan is a gray, elephant-like Pokémon with a thick, black band of hide running down the length of its back and extending to the tip of its long trunk. Me: This tough hide prevents regular attack from inflicting even a scratch. Bluefox: A pair of white tusks extend from the corners of its mouth. Me: Donphan also has the ability to curl up into a ball and violently roll around like a wheel. Bluefox: These rolling tackles are strong enough to knock down a house! Me: It also has Earthquake, Bulldoze, Rapid Spin. Bluefox: And one of the most powerful moves, Giga Impact. Me: But Giga Impact also does recoil, he also has an exposed underbelly. Me: But he makes up for that with the Sturdy ability. Bluefox: Sturdy makes him unable to be knocked out by a single attack. Me: He also has a Attack and Defense number of 120 each. Bluefox: But he lacks in other stats. Me: But you can't deny that he's strong. Once he's on a rampage, there's no way to stop him. (Donphan makes his cry)

Me: Sandslash is a bipedal, ground dwelling pholidote Pokémon. Bluefox: Although Sandslash is usually bipedal, it can run on all fours as well. Me: Its body is mostly covered in sharp, brown quills formed from its tough, dry hide. Bluefox: It has two large claws on its paws and feet. These claws are its primary weapons, and are used for slashing. They can also be used for burrowing. Me: It's claws and spikes can both break off and are shed regularly, but grow back quickly. Bluefox: It can curl into a large ball to protect its white underbelly. In this position, it can roll to attack or escape, or protect itself from heatstroke. Me: Sandslash is also adept at climbing trees, and is prone to ambush its enemies from above. Bluefox: He has the Sand Veil ability, making him hit better in a sandstorm. Me: And can use the move Sandstorm, along with Dig, Scratch, and Rollout.
Bluefox: He has an attack stat of 100 and a defense stat of 110. Me: His HP isn't bad either, at 75. Bluefox: He's also pretty fast, at 65. Me: He is a very strong and smart Pokémon. Let's see if he can stand up to Donphan.

(Donphan is walking through the forest when Sandslash attacks from above.) Greenfox: Fight! (Sandslash starts off by using Sandstorm, Donphan then uses Earthquake) (Sandslash dodges to the side and slices at Donphan) (It has no effect and Donphan slices at Sandslash with his tusks) (Sandslash knocks off Donphans tusks with Scratch, then starts charging up Rollout) (Donphan curls up into a ball and they collide) (Sandslash's quills fall off and Donphan starts to use Rapid Spin) (Sandslash uses dig and goes underground) (He comes up behind Donphan and uses Rollout again) (Donphan goes flying into a tree) (Sandslash uses Scratch and knocks down the tree) (Donphan holds up the tree with his trunk) (Sandslash gets surprised and Donphan throws the tree at him) (Donphan starts using Giga Impact and leaves himself open) (Sandslash regrows his quills and stabs Donphan in the underbelly) (Sandslash takes bloddy claws out of Donphan, then rolls away) Pinkfox: K.O.

Me: Didn't see that coming. Bluefox: Donphan had a good defense but Sandslash clearly had the advantage. Me: Sandslash was very fast and smart, he could find his way around Donphan's defense's and strike. Bluefox: Not to mention that with that Sand Veil and Sandstorm strategy, Donphan couldn't dodge Sandslash's attacks. Me: The winner is Sandslash.

Bluefox: Next time on Death Battle! (There is a white goat with a golden ring around its body and a flying pink cat.) White Goat: We are gods. But there should only be one. Pink Cat: Your right. Lets settle this!
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  1. TrashAI
    Earthquake is 100% accurate though.
    Feb 18, 2016
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  2. Renimo
    Yeah Sandslash!
    Nov 2, 2015
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  3. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Spoiler: There will be more death battles.
    May 2, 2015
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  4. AzureEdge
    Dolphan for the win~!
    May 1, 2015