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Deadbeat Gym Diaries

by Vebeaston

Vebeaston This isn't the story about about a couple young aspiring trainers. It's about the struggles and troubles of a washed-up, deadbeat gym leader. Forced to change his ways. And the adventures this'll inevitably entail.
The doorbell disturbs Laur's great sleep. Tired, he forces himself out of the makeshift bed the Gym's backroom sofa's become. Practically sleepwalking through his workplace, he eventually ends up at the entrance to the gym. Unlocking the door, he's met by the harsh, judgmental sunlight outside.
- Billy ''Laur'' Laurenitis?
- Yeah, that'd be me. Who're you?
You could get drunk of the stench of alcohol accompanying Laur's speech.
- Here's my card.
Laur eyes it. James Clearbell. Gym Inspection Bureau. GIB.
- I assume you know why I'm here?
Laur just looks at the man, no, the suit in front of him.
- No, I don't. But I do know I wore a suit to my wedding. And didn't work out too well in the end. So I'm guessing you're bearing misfortune?
James, not amused in the least, sighs before relaying his message.
- I'm here to notify you that unless you get your own, and your gym's shit together, you'll lose it. This town'll lose it's gym permit. You have 4 weeks to do it.
- And what exactly do I have to do? Laur's sarcasm is almost as noticeable as the booze on his breath.
- Here's a list. I figured you could use one. You clinical alcoholic.
James disgust at Laur is made perfectly clear in his vitriolic statement and the inspector turns around before walking away from the gym.
- I'm a drunk. It sounds a lot better! James isn't the least bit concerned about Laur's opinion of himself. Whatever, failure.
Laur walks back into the gym. Through the battlefield where he used to fight eager challengers. Into the backroom. Which was once a space he had no use for at all. But now is his abode. Tossing a poké-ball to the ground, he limps back to the sofa.
- Drag-dragapult! His ace pokémon announces itself.
- Hi buddy, mind getting me a brew?
Dragapult makes sure Laur takes notice of the evil eye she's handing him. She begins to disappear.
- No, don't you dare phantom force me!
She reappears, still evil eyeing her trainer.
- Okay. No brew I guess. Laur knocks his head back, before scratching his coal black short spiky hair.
I've only got myself to blame. Dragapult sits down next to him, arms crossed.
- Let's see here. What do I have to... Laur begins going through the list. Make sure the gym is in functional shape, present correct documentation... Doesn't seem too bad. He thinks as he continues reading through the list. He stops at the last check box. ''Defeat the champion in order to prove you're still qualified to be a gym leader.''
- THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE!! Laur blinks to make sure he isn't seeing things. No. It's all there. Dragapult decides to investigate the list as well.
- We've got to face the champion again.
His ace shakes her shoulders as if it wasn't a big deal.
- We haven't battled in months! And that's against regular trainers!
She continues shaking her shoulders.
- It's great someone's not worried around here. Damn, I could really use a cold one now.
Laur can tell he's receiving the evil eye once again.
- Okay, I'm sorry. No more cold ones.
Satisfied Dragapult floats up toward Laur.
- Wait... How many of you guys do I even have on me?
He scrambles to search the belt in which he keeps his poké-balls. Shit... Only one other here. He throws the ball at an empty bottle-container in the corner of the backroom.
- NIN-JASK! One of Laur's oldest partners greets him, enthusiastically.
- Nice to see ya too, buddy. He greets him.
That means the rest are in my PC. Just as Laur is about to get off the sofa the doorbell rings again.
Is he back? Did he forget something? He didn't seem like the forgetful type.
With each passing moment Laur can feel mind being freed from the alcoholic fog he'd voluntarily walked into the night before. Chills run through his body.
- I hate sobering up. Hate it. He grabs the entrance door handle. Ninjask and Dragapult wait behind him.
No one's outside. Laur looks to his left. No one there. Looks to his right. But someone is on the right side. A kid.

- Are you Cliffshadow Town's gym leader Billy?
Laur inspects the kid. You could think he'd be the poster child for a denim store. At first glance. The kid, decked out in both blue jeans and a denim jacket, stands up, right hand outstretched.
- Charlie. He introduces himself.
- That's new. Laur remarks.
- What?
- I've never had a challenger in my entire career. Introduce themselves with a handshake before. It's weird.
- Some, me included would call it polite.
- I'm him. I guess you want to battle me?
- Yes. If that's okay?
Laur rolls his eyes. The only thing it is to me at this point. Is an inconvenience. I mean, my job. It's my job. If I don't quit thinking like that. I won't have a job much longer.
- Yeah. Sure. How many badges do you have?
Charlie drops to one knee, and swings his backpack around as he searches for his badge case.
- Here! Excited to show off the challenges he's conquered so far, he holds it in front of his next challenge.
So he's beaten Lydia and Sammy. That means i need to switch my team up a bit.
Laur turns around, facing two of his oldest team members.
- You guys are too strong. He tells them.
Charlie, curious as to who the gym leader is talking to, barges into the gym.
- What have you done to the place!? He exclaims in shock and horror. Even though the lights inside are still off, Charlie can't help but notice the piles of garbage and thick layer of dust covering the entire battlefield.
- That's none of your business! Not if you want... Laur stops himself. First off, he's just a kid. Second of all, we need him. Provide evidence that the gym is operational. Having a battle with this kid, would allow me to check that off the list. Which would be great.
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