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Road of a Champion: Day off

by J62

J62 Gary, Paul, and Ash are on a day off from their training and chat about their travels when something unexpected happens.
Gary: So Ash....how is your journey around Kalos going? You caught any new pokemon yet?
Ash: Well I caught a fletchling and a froakie I befriended wanted to tag along with me so I caught him.
Paul:Froakie? Fletchling? Are those pokemon strong?
Ash: They are tough, but their stage 2 evolutions are radical! Froakie becomes a Greninja which is a water/dark type and fletching to talonflame which is a flying/fire type.
Gary: Well me and professor rowan discovered a ruin with a celebi painting and a painting of a boy which looks like you, you think that time you time traveled with celebi warped up reality or something? Because I certainly won't paint you even if you saved my life.*smirk*.
Ash: Heeey!
*as they were talking, a pidgeot suddenly lands in front of ash and cuddles with him*
Ash: What the??!!!
Gary: I think that's your pidgeot ash! Rember when you released it to protect a flock of pidgeys? I think those pidgeys learned to protect themselves and pidgeot's duty to the flock was finished.
Ash: Really? Pidgeot, is that really you?
*pidgeot gives a reassuring equal and cuddles ash again*
Ash: I thought I'd never see you again! Do you wanna travel with me again? I still got your original pokeball here.
Pidgeot:pidgeot!!!(of course dummy! And Gary's theory was right)!
Ash: okay! Pokeball go!
*pidgeot gets hit with the ball and gets caught without trouble*
Paul: its a miracle no other trainer caught it, hey, wanna try a battle with your pidgeot and my honchcrow? Let's see if it still battles well.
Ash: your on!
*the 3 candidates went back to the resort and started their battle*
Ash: Go pidgeot
Pidgeot:pidgeot!!!!!(show me whatcha got!)
Paul:Go Honchcrow!
Honchcrow: honch!!( cone and get me!)
Ash: pidgeot use feather dance !
Paul: evade honchcrow and use aerial ace!
Honchcrow:honch(dodge this!)
*pidgeot gets hit and got its right wing damaged*
Ash: use roost!
Pidgeot:pidgeot!(that feels much better)
Ash: then use brave bird!
Paul: Dodge honchcrow!
*pidgeot was too fast and honchcrow got hit in the face and got knocked out*
Paul: just on hit? How's that even possible?
Ash: when pidgeot was still a pidgeotto, I trained him specifically to hit fast and hard.
Paul: well that explains that, honchcrow return!
Ash:pidgeot return!
Gary: so much for a day off from battling.
*the three laugh it off then continue there day off,Gary goes to the lake, Paul to the forest, and ash back to his friends. ( hope you like it! Please Follow me if you do.:D