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Day 9: Favorite Fire Type: Typhlosion

by Vito303

Vito303 The first time I ever defeated the elite four was with a typhlosion I had in silver version, I was so overjoyed and I always loved my champion Pokemon immensely. I remember back in about 2012 I went to play it for a little bit and it erased. I cried and cried.

Since having that Typhlosion though, I raised several others, my oldest Typhlosion now is my little gal a friend gave to me back in emerald, someone who I'm no longer friends with. It was super hard to get back then, the Hoenn dex had to be completed, which was a great gift from my friend back then.

so I've raised her since, made her a beauty champion, and now shes my ribbon collector Pokemon! She has a dozen or so ribbons on her since gen 3!

Check her out on Deviantart!
http://vito303.deviantart.com/art/Day-9-Favorite-Fire-type-Typhlosion-615738432 (Day 9: Favorite Fire type: Typhlosion)