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Day 5

by EOIN1111

8:00 today decide to spilt up my raichu said goodbye to Aaron's charmmender :( 9:00 I've been walking for an hour my legs are killing my Pokemon don't really care raichu just kept running (sigh) well I have a lot of training to do 11:00 got 3rd gym badge (first 2 were in kalos) well the jounary is long might be fun 1:00 got to the Pokemon tournament I saw Aaron doing his battle 2:00 I WON MY FIRST TOURNAMENT MATCH YIPPIE sorry.... any my changler was Carl (Aaron's rival) he's out witch led to a rematch AND I STILL WON 4:00 talked Aaron about his day he said that trained hard asked me about my day told him that I had to do lot of walking and battling I also say that figure again strange (I have not told Aaron about him yet just that I know it's ash Ketchum or that figure running from the cave 6:00 I'm stayin in a hotel nearby the Arena
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