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Green and Friends: Day 4

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious This is a series where a bunch of people suggest characters/pokemon/events and I make 'em into a story!
This section's ideas came from: Eeveechu151, Ultimate Gamer_Shady
Additional thanks and possible ideas for future sections: Mitchymomo, EonMaster101
Day 4

I abandon my search for my friends and decide to continue to the next town on my own. I think about Evon for a second, and remember the pokeballs in my bag. In hopes of finding a new partner, I search the grass around the forest.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, I hear. I sneak towards the spot where the sound is coming from, remembering Chi's advice, and find a weedle. I grab the pokeball on my belt and send out Piplup.

Another quick explanation about battles:

Only important battles will be shown.

I tell Piplup to weaken the weedle with bubble, and then throw one of the empty pokeballs at it. The ball wobbles a few times, but I catch the new pokemon anyways.

"Yes!" I exclaim as I pick up the pokeball. I've got to be prepared for the next battle I have now. I walk out of the forest, full of just a bit too much self confidence. Just outside of the forest stands Pewter City. I heal my pokemon and begin to explore the town.

I walk with awe at the magnificent building in the center of town. The sign in front tells me that this is the Pewter City Museum. I make a note to stop by later, and dash for the gym.

"Will, The Young Psychic Master" the sign in front of the gym reads.

"Psychic? Isn't bug good against that?" I ask myself. Good thing I had caught that weedle.

The gym inside is another maze, similar to the last gym, except with teleporters. I traverse my way through the maze and don't see any trainers for a long time. Suddenly, I exit one of the teleporters and think I must be getting close, when a trainer stares me down from the next fork in the maze.

"You've gotta get past me to battle the gym leader!" he says. He's shorter than me, but he sounds older. His voice has something about it that makes me want to defeat him as fast as possible. "And you're not gonna get past me! I've been trainin' my pokemon for ages!"

I send out Weedle and he sends out a ralts. After just two attacks, I've won.

The boy looks astonished and stamps his foot on the ground. "I'll battle you again someday," he says, "and that time I'll win!" He slumps over against the wall in defeat.

I manage my way through the rest of the maze and finally find the gym leader. "I am Will," he tells me. "I hope you are prepared to witness my amazing feats of psychic power. He gives a sly smile. "Go, Natu!"

A small bird pokemon comes out of his first pokeball. I send out Piplup in response.

What is hopefully the last short explanation about battles:

Battles will now be in a spoiler. Gosh, they're so long!

Natu used lucky chant.

Piplup used bubble on Natu. Natu's health is green.

Natu used night shade. Piplup's health is green.

Piplup used bubble on Natu. Natu's health is yellow.

Natu used leer on Piplup.

Piplup used bubble on Natu. Natu fainted!

Will sent out Bronzor.

Piplup used bubble on Bronzor. Bronzor's health is green.

Bronzor used hypnosis on Piplup. Piplup fell asleep.

Piplup is fast asleep.

Bronzor used psywave on Piplup. Critical hit! Piplup fainted!

Green sent out Weedle.

Weedle used bug bite on Bronzor. Bronzor's health is green.

Bronzor used tackle on Weedle. Weedle's health is green.

Weedle used bug bite on Bronzor. Bronzor's health is yellow.

Bronzor used confuse ray on Weedle. Weedle is confused! Weedle's health is green.

Weedle used bug bite on Bronzor. Bronzor fainted!

Weedle wins!

"Yes! Gym badge number two, in the bag!" I exclaimed.

"I congratulate you," Will said to me. "You pulled ahead at just the right moment. I grant you with Pewter City's gym badge."

I silently congratulate myself, then begin to re-traverse the maze. Halfway through, I notice a trainer card on the ground. The name on it reads "Joshua". Up ahead, the trainer I beat is standing. He's battling somebody hidden behind the maze wall.

"Is this your trainer card?" I call out to him. He's absorbed in the battle and doesn't hear me. I walk closer and see who he's battling. To my surprise, it's Chi! She had just won the battle.

"That's it!" says the boy who I assume is Joshua. "I don't have to stick around here! I'm going to become the champion myself! Smell you later!" And he runs off.

Chi looks at me. She doesn't ask, but I give her directions through the rest of the maze anyways. Then I follow Joshua out.
  1. Azur
    Someone has a sweet little temper, huh? Haha, seriously, another great chapter, Bulba. ♥
    Apr 4, 2015
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