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Day 4

by EOIN1111

8:00 I got up from the nap last night it was hard stilling figuring out who that person was
9:00 we went to the forest today to catch some Pokemon I found a Pikachu and a thunder stone so evolved the Pikachu into a Raichu crazy eh 11:00 after catching some Pokemon we went to pallet town to see prof.oak I told the I come from the kalos region and should him my Pokemon (oshawott Raichu) he told me about the tournament me Aaron eoghain and holly were looking to the tournament 1:00 I trained my oshawott and fully evolved it to a samurott crazy 2 fully evolved Pokemon in one day 3:00 we went to get late lunch straving we caught with ash Ketchum who was holding a ultraball (I think he's the figure who caught that shiny) we talked to him about our shinys and told him about the figure who stole that shiny he walked away down the path so we just continued on the jounary 8:00 we stopped at a hotel to sleep we got 1 room each
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