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Green and Friends: Day 3

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious This is a series where a bunch of people suggest characters/pokemon/events and I make 'em into a story!
This section's ideas came from: Eeveechu151, Ultimate Gamer_Shady
Additional thanks and possible ideas for future sections: Mitchymomo, EonMaster101
Day 3

Chi was still talking to the Professor when Lenny and I entered his small temporary home.

"Oh, hello boys," he said to us. "Are you here to learn about evolution stones?"

"No," I answered. "We were looking for Chi." Chi looked p at me and stood up from her chair.

"I was teaching her about evolution stones! Her Eevee reacts to almost all of them!" the Professor told us. "Oh, I almost forgot. I'm Professor Spruce." I hadn't even thought about what his name might be.

"I'm Lenny," Lenny suddenly said, as if he was suddenly astounded to meet Spruce. "Oh, and this is Greeny."

"My name's Green!" I add, then punch Lenny on the shoulder.

"Nice to meet you boys! Well, Chi, you come back when you've made your choice!" Spruce told Chi.

"See you then," said Chi softly. Chi and Lenny walk outside, but I wait.

"Professor, could I ask you a few questions?" I ask.

"Certainly, what about?" he answers.

"Do you know the gym leader of this town?"

"Why, yes! He and I are quite good friends, but I heard that he went missing a few nights ago."

"He did. That's why I'm talking to you. What did he do for a living?"

"Oh, he studied how pokemon evolve, though on a broader scale than me."

"Yes. Do you know anything about his disappearance?"

"Nothing else. Sorry I couldn't help, Green."

"That's okay," I assure Professor Spruce. I leave the laboratory because I know my friends must be wondering what I'm doing. But when I get outside, they're nowhere. I look around the town, and they're not there.

"They must've gone to Viridian Forest without me!" I said to myself.

I stomped of toward the forest, ready to vent all my anger at them. They're not at the entrance, and as I walk through the forest, they don't seem to be anywhere. I started to get worried, and start running through the grass to find them. As I run, I turn my head around to look behind me, just in case, and trip on a large root.

"Are you okay?" a voice said behind me. I turned around to see a man wearing a blue overcoat and green bandanna. He sticks out his hand to me, and something about him tells me to accept it. I let him help me up, and say, "Who are you?"

"I'm Evon, of the Resistance," he replies.

"The what?"

"The Resistance. Have you heard of Team G?"

"No. And your name is Evon?"


"Will you help me find my friends," I ask him.

"Will you give me a good battle?" he replies.

I grumble. "I guess I have no choice. Go, Piplup!" Piplup had gotten stronger after the Gym Battle, so I assumed I was ready. Evon sent out his Eevee. He didn't speak.

Eevee used tackle on Piplup. Piplup's health is green.

Piplup used tail whip on Eevee.

Eevee used tackle on Piplup. Piplup's health is yellow.

Piplup used pound on Eevee. Eevee's health is green.

Eevee used tackle on Piplup. Puplup fainted.

Eevee wins!

"That was horrible!" I say. I'll never be able to get anywhere!"

"So you think you have no power?" Evon asked me.

"Well, yes, if I lose such a simple battle that easily!" But Evon shakes his head at me.

"Each trainer possess some power. Mine is that of an Evolution Master."

"Then what's mine?" I question.

"There's no way to be sure yet," and then Evon smiles, "but I'm sure you'll find out somewhere along your journey. You'll make a good member of the Resistance someday."

I'm about to question that, when he says to me, oh, and your going to want to need your pokemon healed. I hand him my pokeball out of impulse and he takes it behind his back, then hands it back to me, along with two other pokeballs.

"What are these for?"

"You're going need more than one pokemon on tthe journey that you're about to undertake." And then he walks off into the forest, leaving me as confused I probably ever will be.
  1. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    Guys, don't open that spoiler unless you've taken part in the writing of this story. OR ELSE.
    Mar 31, 2015
  2. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    When Evon begins Green's Training.
    Mar 31, 2015
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  3. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    @Eeveechu151 You know, even though I'm writing the story, when you stop mid-sentence like that I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Mar 31, 2015
  4. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Yay! I can't wait until the trai- whoops!
    Mar 31, 2015
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  5. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    Mar 31, 2015
  6. Azur
    I'm confused, too, but also dying from suspenssse.
    Mar 31, 2015
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  7. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    ...AWESOME! Are you guys as exited as me for Evon to reappear?
    Mar 31, 2015
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