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Twitch Plays Pokemon Sun: Day 3

by twitchplayinpokemoans

tpp sun day 3.png
twitchplayinpokemoans i know i said i couldn't make this daily, but it's a SNOW DAY!

Here's what happened

in an attempt to save KKKmeouth from the PC, a diglet and a metapod were released and half the team was sent to the PC.
we caught some more Pokemon such as 'a-box-circle-triangle' the salandit and zubatman 3.36.
And we made more progress
oh yeah i nearly forgot trolls kept aborting Pokemon evolution AGAIN

Current Team:
kkk66'6 (meouth)
3 3 6g (zubat)
a-square-circle-triangle (salandit)
Bounccer (Bounsweet)

this was made in memory of diglet and metapod, released during a rescue mission. they wont be missed.