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Mafia Writings (2011 Reboot): Day 3

by Shiny Pyxis

Shiny Pyxis Shiny does something right, and also makes a mistake. (As an aside, I'm getting incredibly sick and tired of the melodramatic tone of this whole thing. Past!Me really needs to stop.)
She should've seen it coming. She should've done something about it before it had happened. She should've at least said something to him before it had happened.

"Y-you can't be serious," Shiny whispered to herself as she read through the updated Hit List; Red and Blazi had both died last night. That meant eight people had died over the course of just three days.

The girl thought back to everything she had done with Red for the few days they had worked together. They had exchanged ideas of who was possibly mafia, found other people that could help them get rid of the growing terror, and even discussed trivial topics that weren't related to the mafia at all. He was the first person Shiny had trusted enough to tell all the knowledge and suspicions she had gained regarding the mafia, and also the first person who had trusted her enough to return the same courtesy. To Shiny, losing Red was almost like losing a sibling, and even though she knew that both families had targeted him, thus limiting the number of lives lost that night, Shiny couldn't help but feel a little sad, even guilty, about his death.

"I'll be your successor, Red." Shiny looked around, and saw Sho standing a few feet away from her, his hands balled up into tight fists as if he was trying to restrain himself from hitting something. Shiny remembered how the two of them were so close to each other, despite being enemies last time. Glancing around the crowd, Shiny noticed a few others who held similar reactions as hrs and Sho's: Carmen, who was looking at the ground; LoN, who looked like he was stiff from shock; and Belle, who looked like she was going to hurt somebody for killing Red. Then, Shiny noticed Dia,whose face was too passive for such distressing news. Was it just her imagination, or did Shiny see a spark of relief flash through the other girl's eyes?

Memories from the previous meetings flashed through her mind. Dia had been reluctant to vote for either Blazi or Dark's lynching, who were now both proven to have been mafia. Her attitude to lynch other people in general was a little strange, as from both days, Dia had seemed like she was trying to force everyone to believe that she was a townsfolk. Her actions were far too unnatural to have been anything but an act.

Shiny made up her mind; she was going to voice her opinions about Dia, and possibly even cast a vote for the other girl's death.


Not much discussion had gone on that day. After Shiny had brought up the possibility of Dia being mafia, the one in question had quickly tried to turn the accusations on to other people. However, the committee had not been convinced of her accusations, and thus, no matter how hard she had defended herself, the inevitable happened. And thus, the committee had successfully gotten rid of another spawn of the mafia.

Looking back on the day's events, Shiny realized that she was looking more and more like a target for the mafia, and it was all too likely that at least one family would kill her that day. Well, they won't find me in my room today if they do decide to target me, she thought to herself as she quickly walked down a path different than the one she usually took to get home. With so many houses in the area, it would be close to impossible for the mafia to find her!

Shiny looked around cautiously to make sure nobody had followed her. Then, as quietly as she could, the girl knocked on the door in front of her. She stepped back as the door swung open, and smiled when she saw her friend standing in the doorway, who was a little surprised from the sudden visit. Her friend's face looked really pale, and Shiny realized that now might not have been the best of times to go randomly visiting people.

"Hey hey, hear me out first!" Shiny pleaded as her friend was about to close the door on her. When the latter paused for a bit,Shiny continued, "I know asking for help at this time might only endanger both of us, but I really do need, and ask for,your assistance. Because I've just successfully accused a mafia member, the mafia might try to kill me tonight for vengeance. So please,can I stay at your place tonight?" The girl paused, before adding, "You could think of it as a sleepover."

The person at the door blinked a few times, and Shiny desperately hoped that her friend would agree. "Alright,"her friend finally said, opening the door wider, "but I'm only doing this because I trust you, Shiny."

"Thanks a bunch," Shiny sighed as she entered the little house. "I owe you one big time."