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Pokemon 30 day Challenge: Day 25- Favorite Ground type

by OnePiecefan11

OnePiecefan11 This one may just have been introduced in Alola, but that doesn't matter. Here we have Palossand. There are a few reasons why I love this thing. One, the design is hilarious to me. It kind of reminds me something that came out of Earthbound. Two, it can be good as a wall and can heal itself a lot. Not only because of high defense, but also with the Water Compaction ability and moves like Shore Up, Iron Defense, and Giga Drain. And final thing to say, this thing is scary. Don't believe me? In a nutshell they pretty much suck up people that come near one of these things, take their spirits, and that's how Sandygast is made. Now I don't feel like building sandcastles anymore (jk XD) But either way, Palossand is still a great Pokémon.
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