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Pmd: mysteries of light: Day 20

by Yoshi Star Shine

Yoshi Star Shine Unfinished
We went to the castle to find a rescue team job to do, it was our first time doing an actual mission.
Or second becouse we found the injured bulbasuar, Slippy went to ask Radish for a job or a mission while I went to check on the bulbasuar in the care room, went into the door and there were a few injured pokemon, I went to the bulbasuar who was feeling better but had some permanent scars on the head and legs.

I ask the bulbasuar what happened and they replied with "a certain pikachu" and being confused the bulbasuar introduced herself as "Grape" and that she will explain when she gets out and gets better, Slippy came in with a mission that we had to go through a rock-type cave to save a spearow, we packed the bag and after using a few revive seeds and Oran berries (yuck) we made it through and saved the spearow and they had a broken wing, we transferred them to the care room in the castle and they helped with their wing.

Also Grape said she will be out tomorrow "hopefully" and we are so close to going up a rank.
beginner rank badge has a white middle and ace has a black middle, cool but I can't wait till we move up a rank!

Anyway, our house is the shape of a pokeball and it has two floors, outside is red, blacks stripe across the middle and white at the bottom with a few windows and a door.
Inside is a few piles of grass, a small shallow pool, some brown wooden stairs to get up on top of the second floor.
The second floor has a similar style to the bottom floor but without piles of grass and it does have some picture frames, some soaps and a basket.
Out in the backyard is nice green grass, white fence, a sitrus berry bush and an apple tree, the front yard has nice grass, blue mailbox, hedge that goes around and acts like a fence and a nice sandy path to the door.

We also had to go to the castle to talk to Radish, she wanted to talk to us about a team flag and we have to design it and that I had to evolve soon, I was level 26 and Slippy was level 15 (becouse of exp from 1 of 2 hitting and fainting many Pokémon in dudgeon and she did have some rare candies to help catch up, we also grew to ace rank becouse of our high level, and also a certain Pokémon wants to join us but we will talk to them tomorrow.

We designed our team flag, and slippy got a new pink ribbon necklace to put the badge on becouse we had to wear team colors in a dudgeon, after that we all went home and Slippy went to sleep but I write in my diary at night becouse I have more time, all rescue teams have until 8:30 to be up unless an emergency or they just got home from a dudgeon late.
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