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Green and Friends: Day 2

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious This is a series where a bunch of people suggest characters/pokemon/events and I make 'em into a story!
This section's ideas came from: Ultimate Gamer_Shady, Eeveechu151
Additional thanks and possible ideas for future sections: Mitchymomo, EonMaster101, Kyubeon
Day 2

Kenny, Chi, and I were walking down Route 1 towards Viridian City. A patch of tall grass lie in our path. "Wild pokemon hide in tall grass, don't they?" I wondered aloud.

"Yah," Kenny answered. Chi nodded. She seemed a bit more perky since we left the Lab. For some reason, the trio seemed intimidated by the prospect of wild pokemon.

"I say we split up and look for wild pokemon. Once we see one, we'll tell each other, and maybe battle them," I suggested. Everyone agreed, and we began searching the patch of grass.

"Found a rattata!" Lenny almost immediately called out. "You can take him, Charmander!"

"Pidgey over here," Chi sort-of yelled. At least she was talking sometimes.

"I can't find anything!" I told her. "Am I doing something wrong?"

"Yes," she replied, then blushed, realizing that she might have just insulted me. "You-you need to be q-quiet." She began demonstrating by sneaking around through the grass. "Right here," she whispered to me.

I followed her lead and sneaked over to where she was. A baby pidgey lie in the grass, sleeping.

"What are you guys waiting for?" Lenny was already at the end of Route 1. We left the grass and entered Viridian City. "There's a gym to challenge in this town," Lenny told us.

"Look, this sign says that a stone professor lives here. Special deal for Eevees." Chi sounded exited.

"I'll go with Lenny," I said. "For once!" I added quickly. I didn't want him to think I was going with him because he was my friend.

Lenny and I walked up to the gym. "Are you sure that we're ready?" I asked him.

"Of course! You've been training, haven't you?" I suddenly realized that I hadn't trained at all. Hopefully the first gym would be easy enough.

"Let's go in," I said, simply. When we entered, the gym seemed relatively empty. "I would expect a gym to have more trainers in it, wouldn't you?" I asked Lenny.

"Yah. It looks like it's just a simple maze," he replied. We went through the maze in a very short time, and found the gym...leaders?

"I thought that there was only one gym leader here," I said. Instead, in front of us stood twins, a boy and a girl.

"Normally, there is, but we're filling in for him right now," the girl told them. "I'm Emily, and this is my brother, Luke! He's kind of shy." Luke didn't seem to mind Emily saying that.

"Welcome to the Normal Type Gym," Luke said, with not nearly as much excitement as Emily had talked to them with.

"Why don't we start our battles," suggested Lenny. "Greeny, you take Luke. I'll battle Emily."

"Okay, but don't call me Greeny," I told him. "Luke, are you ready?" He nodded his head. "Okay then. Go, Piplup!"

"You can do it, Eevee!" Luke said when he sent out his pokemon. It was an Eevee, just like Chi's.

Eevee used growl on Piplup.

Piplup used pound on Eevee. Eevee's health is green.

Eevee used tail whip on Piplup.

Piplup used pound on Eevee. Eevee's health is green.

Eevee used tackle on Piplup. Piplup's health is green.

Pilplup used pound on Eevee. Eevee's health is yellow.

Eevee used tackle on Piplup. Piplup's health is yellow.

Piplup used pund on Eevee. Critical Hit! Eevee fainted.

Piplup wins!

"I won! I barely won!" I exclaimed. I had finally won a battle. "How did you do, Lenny?"

"I won easily," he replied. "I told you that you should've trained more, Greeny." I ignored his remark, however, because I had remembered that Emily and Luke were filling in for the regular gym leader.

"You said that you were filling in for the gym leader. Who is he?" I asked the twins.

"Our dad. He went missing a few nights ago and we've had to fill in for him." Emily seemed very sad as she said this.

"Can you tell us how he went missing?" I questioned further.

"Three nights ago, some strange men wearing lab coats came to our door and asked to see our dad. They had a conversation, and then our dad came and told us that he would probably be gone all night, and not to worry about him, but he hasn't come back yet!"

"Can you help us find him?" Luke jumped in quickly. I could tell that he really wanted our help.

"We definitely will," I told him. "Right, Lenny?"

"Right," he said, halfheartedly.

To Be Continued...
  1. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    Mar 29, 2015
  2. Ultimate Gamer_Shady
    Ultimate Gamer_Shady
    You captured the two nicely, just know that the two kinda complete each other, but can function without each other, just not AS great as if they were near each other. Also more bold and doesn't put thought as much before actions sometimes.
    Mar 29, 2015
    Bulba the Curious likes this.
  3. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    Mar 27, 2015
  4. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    The 'future character.'
    Mar 27, 2015
  5. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    @Eeveechu151 No, Spruce is not their dad. He knows their dad. And what about what?
    Mar 27, 2015
  6. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Okay... is the stone pro... wait, is Spruce their dad? And what abou- oh, right.
    Mar 27, 2015
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  7. Azur
    Mar 27, 2015
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