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Fallout Pack: Day 2: The Flame

by Twilight Nova

Twilight Nova Sorry I took so long. FORGIVE MEEEEE!
Here, Max finds a lost fellow animal in the wasteland. A bond of a lifetime starts by chance.
Max grunted. He blinked open his eyes, whining at the sting of fluorescent light in his eyes. He tried to sit up, and let out a yelp as he hit his head. He was in one of the human cold sleep chambers. He frantically scratched at the glass, howling as loud as he could. To the German Shepard's surprise, it swung open, and he fell on the cold, hard metal floor. He shook out his brown and black pelt before lifting his brown eyes to look at what was around him. He recognized where he was in an instant.
A Vault.
Max had to get familiar with these accursed human underground homes before he joined the military with his partner. He pinned his ears back. Shouldn't I be dead? I was in a nuclear blast! Unless..... Someone saved me? Brought me here? How long was I asleep? Questions popped up faster than he could register them, making him whine once more as his head spun. He noticed small empty bag's with needles attached to them, and bold human letters. RAD-AWAY. Max concluded someone must have used those on him. But..... I was in a nuclear blast! Not even a hundred of those should have- The confused dog's thoughts were cut off by a loud click. Max whirled around to see a large, heavy metal door swing open. It lead to a large, round metal room. Curious, he padded in. But, the moment he reached the center of the metal circle floor, the room began to move. It was going up. Above him, the ceiling was opening. He crouched low to the floor and closed his eyes as he braced for the heat and light of the sun, and whatever else lay out there.

Max's eyes took a long time to adjust to the sunlight. When they did, he saw that everything had become a wasteland. Just a desolate, radiated desert wasteland. He let out a high whine, shaking his head. He had to be strong. He stood up straighter, looking around. His brown eyes caught sight of a gathering of buildings; a small town. Max's strong legs immediately began to take him there as fast as they could. He kicked up enough dust, though, to make his eyes water, and to make him cough and sneeze. This wasteland would need some getting used to.

Max finally came to a stop at the feeling of a hard, cracked street beneath his paws. He shook the dust off his pelt before padding into the town. It seemed empty. A ghost town. The buildings were broken and taken over by dust and vegetation. Max felt his fur prickle with unease. Is anybody here? Do.... Do I want someone to be there?

Suddenly, a small orange blur flew at him. Max turned towards it, baring his teeth. But he wasn't quick enough. It latched onto Max's ear, biting it with sharp tiny teeth. Max swatted it off with a paw, and when it landed, he let his fur relax. It's just a kitten. The small, female orange kitten hissed. "You won't eat me, monster!" Max cocked his head. "I'm not here to eat you, little one," he barked gently. The kitten warrily smoothed her fur. "Are you lying?" Max shook his head. "No. Where are your parents? Your siblings?" She must have siblings or parents. She still has her kitten fluff. The kitten shook her head. "They went to get food. They'll be back." Max pinned his ears back. Something tells me they won't. "Hey..... How about I protect you for the night? I can keep you warm," Max offered. The kitten nodded slowly. "Sure mister."
"What's your name?"
"Cyrwen. Yours?"
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