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Day 16: Favorite Ice Pokemon: Delibird

by Vito303

Vito303 When I was a kid my first game was Gold. Johto was brand new and that gen of Pokemon was so cool to me. I remember the first time I saw Delibird. I was so rare and cool It just stuck with me, being a favorite, until adulthood. I guess I just didn't realize it was a penguin until now?

I really didn't want to incorporate the Christmas theme either, or one of the Deer Pokemon, so i guess I indirectly made it a Christmas theme?

Anyways,I don't care for this one. I loved the line art and coloring it until I added the lighting. Its done and over with now though so I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe someday Ill redraw this when I understand glowing lighting better.

How many of the items can you identify?

The shiny Delibird was also inspired by my own shiny from black and white named Glacier!

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo.


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