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Pokemon 30 day Challenge: Day 15- Favorite Fighting type

by OnePiecefan11

OnePiecefan11 I love Lucario ever since the movie he debuted in. would even say he's in my top 5 favorite Pokémon of all time. Great design and the fact he has power of the aura is cool. Plus, his final smash in Smash Bros......... my gosh.
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  1. Cloudswift
    Lucario's boss, The movie was awesomazing(even though I cried when Ash and the rest of the crew almost DIED. And I know, what Pokemon movie does someone NOT die in, but it was still sad.), I agree; aura powers are SUPER COOL, and if I didn't stink at using Lucario's attacks in Brawl, Lucario would be the character I always play as(Pit and Pikachu are OP too, if you know how to use 'em. ;)). I know that Lucario's design PROBABLY has something to do with this lore or that, but I honestly don't know. The picture is awesomazing! Great job especially with the face!:up:
    Oct 5, 2016