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Day 14: Favorite Rock type: Archen

by Vito303

Vito303 When I was a kid I was super into dinosaurs. My aunt used to work at Rite-aide as a manager and would always bring me Pokemon magazines, video game magazines, and dinosaur/science magazines. I once read an article about the Archaeopteryx in one of those magazine. I remember being so awesomed out by this thing because one, the fossil I'm most familiar with looks rad as hell, and two, it was one of the first fossils ( If I remember correctly) to be found with feathers. It just really struck a good note in like 6-7 year old me. So when Black and white came out when I was in late High school, and Archen and Archeops came out, I was really excited. They were based off of that amazing fossil I read about as a child. It's no surprise then that it ended up being my favorite fossil pokemon and rock type!

Also, I realize I didn't do a very good job on the fossil, but that's supposed to be the plume fossil behind Archen.

Come check It how it was made!
http://colorslive.com/details/3527931 (Archen!)

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http://vito303.deviantart.com/art/Day-14-Favorite-Rock-type-Archen-627112454 (Day 14: Favorite Rock type: Archen)

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