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18 Day Pokemon Type Drawing Challenge: Day 11: Ground

by Lida-TPA

11. Ground.png
Lida-TPA Sorry this was a little late, I woke up later than usual and had to go out of the house before I could start drawing

Anyways today's tint is yellow-brown for Ground, so I drew Flygon and Wooper. (If you remember, I was confuzzled about what color I should do, but thankfully @RenzFlintrock said that ground would need a yellowish brown or a reddish brown and I liked the idea so I used it {I also felt it necessary to mention them since I felt it would be rude to just do their suggestion without mentioning them})

Anywho, see you tomorrow!
  1. TheFirstDecade
    Flygon is Best Pokemon, dont @ me.
    Jul 28, 2019
  2. RenzFlintrock
    Thank you for the tag! (You didn’t have to tag me if you didn’t want to...)

    I’ve really been enjoying this series, and Ground is one of my favorite types. Keep up the good work!
    Jul 15, 2019
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