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Day 1 Chapter 1, Rover Is Going To Kill Me.

by Sylvious

Sylvious I did new leaf first cause i don't play the rest. I will play the other ones after i finish this.
I Sit On A Seat On A Train And Found A Murder Cat With Red Eyes.
Rover: Hey m8. Can i sit on this seat m8?"
Me: Uhhhhhhhhhh yeah."
Rover: Can I kill you?"
Me: Uhhhhhhhhhh no."
Rover: Whats your name?"
Me: Uhhhhhhhhhh Ace."
Rover: Where are you going?"
Ace: Uhhhhhhhhh Kanto."
Rover: What do you look like?"
Looks On Animal Crossing New Leaf Face Guide.
Ace: Ive never been there, I'm moving, I'll get a place there. Ok, done?"
Rover: What does your map look like?"
Ace: First one."
Rover: Ok bye!"
Ace runs out of the train being haunted by Rover.
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  1. Sylvious
    Aug 2, 2015