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Dawn of morning (prologue)

by Blackexpress

Blackexpress This is a written adaptation of the events of Pokemon sun and Moon with some twists here and there
it was a cold night in the region of kanto today was a especial day for a certain kid.

"where moving?" he asked excited by the news

"yes where moving to alola it's always been a dream for me and i tough that you it would be a delightful experience for you sun" she said, sun only replied with the biggest smile that his face could give

"but I'll take 3 months for us to move" she said looking at her son who's expression didn't change one bit

"it's okay I can wait" he said as he rushed and hugged his mother before heading to his room.

"alola...I wonder how it looks like"

meanwhile in the region of alola in a strange white mechanical island

"just gotta out of here and will be ok" a young lass said as she ran at full speed with something in her bag holding her hat with one and her bag with the other.

She ran trough the foundation going down on the elevators and turning in every direction she saw as some mysterious people in white uniforms chased her. Although giving her best efforts to escape she was cornered

"Give up kid and had over that Pokemon" said one of the men in white to what she only could respond with a pale face, they walked closer to her but all of the sudden: her bag started glowing.