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The Story of Ash Ketchum: Dawn of a Hero


PIKACHULOL As he remembers this, he feels proud of what he done.
A young boy named Ash Ketchum who had finally turned 10 years old, had dreamt of being a Pokemon Trainer. His goal was to be a Pokemon Master. As he woke up, he was shocked as he realised that he was late. He dashed towards Professor Oak's lab, as he stumbled on a familiar person named Gary Oak, Professor Oak's son, who had got his starter, while tons of people cheered for him. "Gary!?" Ash said in shock. "What did you pick?" he asked. "That's none of your business," Gary replied. It was obvious he didn't want Ash to get the starter with a type advantage. Ash ran and then stumbled on Professor Oak. "Hello Ash," he replied. "Hi Professor Oak, I came here to get my very first Pokemon!" he cried out, excitedly. As they went to Oak's lab, Ash said, "I've finally made my decision, Professor Oak, and I pick...Squirtle!" Ash opened the ball with Squirtle in it, but it was empty. "Someone's already picked that," Professor Oak said. As Ash picked out Bulbasaur, the ball was empty. "Someone's already picked that too," Professor Oak said. Then Ash picked out Charmander. "It seems that one's already taken," Professor Oak said. Ash begged to get a Pokemon. "There is one more," Professor Oak said. "I'll take it, I need a starter Pokemon, whatever it is, i'll take it!" Ash replied. As the Pokeball opened, out come millions of volts of electricity. And out came a Pikachu. "Oh, hi Pikachu!" Ash said warmingly. Pikachu replied with a huge thundershock. "AHHHH!!" Ash cried out loud. As Ash went outside, he found his mother and all his neighbours and friends. "Aww," that Pokemon is so cute!" cried Delia, Ash's mother. "Now, I've packed your lunch, underwear, hot chocolate, just in case you want something hot and-" "Mum.." Ash groaned. "I've grown up now, I can do everything by myself!" Delia agreed. "Now Pikachu, get inside the Pokeball," Ash commanded. Pikachu bounced the Pokeball with it's tail. As everyone gave Ash a warming goodbye, his mother shed a tear while watching him go.

As Ash walked with Pikachu, (tied up to the rope that was meant to hang dry his clothes) he was looking around for Pokemon to catch. As he encountered a wild Pidgey, he attempts to catch it. It breaks free, then flees. Annoyed, Ash didn't give up. He grabbed his pyjamas to capture that Pidey. He ended up failing, and the wild Pidgey used Gust to blow his pyjamas away. Then it used Sand-Attack. Pikachu laughs while sitting on a tree, and nearly falls off. Ash wants to prove that he doesn't need his lazy Pikachu to catch a Pidgey. He throws a rock at three Pidgeys to get them out of his way. Then he spots Pidgey. "I've got you this time, " he says confidently. He throws a rock at it, and causes it to get a big bruise. But it wasn't that Pidgey, it was a Spearow. It furiously assaulted Ash, and swooped around Pikachu. As he was about to fall off the tree, it used a Thundershock. It was super effective, and Spearow cried for backup, and about 30 other Spearow came. Ash and Pikachu fled as quick as they could, and came across a waterfall. Ash jumped, and as a ginger-haired girl was fishing, she got a bite. As she pulled and pulled, Ash came out, grabbing his Pikachu tightly. "Are you ok?" asked the girl. "Yeah, I think I'm fine," Ash replied. "Not you!" Misty cried out, as she slapped Ash's cheek. "Poor Pikachu, how could you do such a thing?" she asked. "AHH! They're coming back!" Ash screamed in terror. He dashed and rode the girl's bike, with Pikachu in the basket. "Hey! That's mine!" she boomed. "I'll return it whenever I can!" Ash replied. He sped off quickly, and stopped. "Come at me, Spearow! Imma' defeat and capture all of you!" Ash boomed. "Pikachu, get in the Pokeball, it's the only way," he said. In a flash, Pikachu jumped on Ash's shoulder and bounced in the air, and used a great, big, powerful thundershock. Ash was surprised at how it could defeat 30 Spearow with one thundershock.

As he reached a Pokemon Center, he asked Nurse Joy to cure his Pikachu. A few minutes later, she came back and Pikachu was all healed up. This was only the beginning of the Story of Ash Ketchum.

To be continued...