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Darkrai and Mimi[ in the past]

by Cafe-Mocha

Darkrai X Mimi.png
This was in the past when Darkrai and Mimi were still friends.
Darkrai would stay with her until she woke up. "But what does he do after she wakes up?" you might be saying.

Once, he went off and things in the movie...yea.. and they spend the rest of the day with each other. They also had a little fun cosplaying. Mimi insisted on being a sky form of herself and Darkrai cosplayed as a Latios...I might wanna draw that now..If you want a full story please ask me and I will write a full story from How they met to when Darkrai wants to kill her.
Darkrai belongs to- Nintendo, Game Freak
Mimi the Shaymin belongs to- Me
  1. vergames
    full story full story full story full story!
    Aug 4, 2016