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Darkdramon and his D-Brigade

by Shen: King of the Mist

Shen: King of the Mist "We don't have room for broken soldiers." Darkdramon and his commandramon subordinates lead a large military known as the D-brigade. the D-Brigade contracts to other strong powers like Barbamon for a good reward.
  1. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist

    Yeah he was in my top 5 as well! I appreciate the compliment :D
    Sep 7, 2018
    Excalibur Queen and DarkHydraT like this.
  2. DarkHydraT
    As always, you did a fantastic job! Darkdramon was always one of my favorites and you just made him that much cooler
    Sep 7, 2018