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blood war!!!: darkath vs dante

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
Pain: darkath, the champion of chaos
Hawk: dante, the demon hunter
Both: let the battle begin!

Pain: darkath is the champion of chaos, darkath has grate powers that includes chaotic fire, barrier, beam, blast, spheres and thunder.
Hawk: additionally he can teleport and has powers to over power the master of time and space, with his 13 lords he decided to take over the world, like all vilans do.
Pain: his armor is the corrupted hope, made out of theynite steel wich resists magic, it is 18 times thicker than a European knight's armor, plus chaos is the ultimate upgrade so it's even stronger, the chaotic cleaver can feed of of the users energy and the aura of the foe, demonic increases physical power and angelic increases magical power.
Hawk: and darkath has a final form called the chaos prime, where his powers grow to unimaginable points.

Darkath: Chaos is not good or evil but both at the same time.

Pain: dante is the son of a great demon, seeking vengeance on those who killed his mother he has created an arsenal of wepons and powers
Hawk: they include:

-Superhuman Strength
Dante possesses incredible raw bodily strength even while in human form. He can shatter stone with little difficulty
-Super Speed
Dante is blindingly fast, able to dash a short distance to dodge attacks, dodge bullets fired at close-range, and move so fast that he appears to teleport
-Demonic Energy and able to breathunderwater
He is able to channel his demonic energies into various physical objects, ranging from his guns to the air itself. Dante can also hold his breath indefinitely, or perhaps even breathe underwater, as he can remainsubmerged for extended periods of time without taking damage or needing tosurface for air.
-Healing powers
Dante can instantly heal from nearly anywound; even the Hell Prides were surprised when he ignored their attacks at the beginning of Devil May Cry 3. Combined with his great resilience, Dante's healing factor makes him virtually unkillable and also may grant him immortality from age.
Pain: dante has won against demons with little to no effort but can he beat darkath? Let's find out!

Darkath is standing on top of Mount doom skull, when he notices dante behind him, "you have great potential to serve me as a chaos lord"

"I serve nobody!" Replied dante charging demon energy into his shotgun and aiming it at darkath

Hawk: fight!

Darkath flies at dante with super speed, punching him in the chest so hard he flew all the way to the stormy mountains of thunder forge and flies towards him

Dante crashes into to the mountain, he gets up and punches darkath in the face and shoots him in the guts with the shotgun

Darkath flies back a little and pulls out his sword, darkath starts slashing at dante

Dante resists the attacks and telekinetically launches boulders at him

Darkath uses chaos slashes and chaos spheres to give him range, avoiding the boulders he dives in and starts to combo him

Dante gets injured but heals almost instantly, he grabs the sword and punches darkath onto the ocean, and goes after him

Darkath flies out the water and grabs dante, teleporting them to the tower of magic, in arcans groove, he kicks dante in the portal and follows him

Dante finds himself in the elemental plane, charging himself with demonic energy he upper cuts darkath

Darkath launches a volley of chaos spheres and slashes at dante then teleports behind him and uses chaos blast wich turns him into a chaos bomb

Dante is laying in a hole filled with blood, shredded, he instantly gets up and punches darkath into the portal, launching him all the way back to mount doom skull and follows him, "this ends here"

"End? I haven't even started!", a beam of purple energy shoots into the sky, out of it emerged darkath in the chaos prime mode, "we are stronger than you", darkath flies and punches dante on the head downwards that the mountain gets distroyed, charging up a chaos beam and launches it at dante

Dante tries to get up but too late, the beam completely and utterly disintegrates him

Pain: K.O
Hawks: but how?!?!
Pain: darkath was smart and took the battle to the elemental plane where all magic, including chaos magic is boosted, also darkath's sword gives him extra physical power against demonic enemies
Hawk: I guess your right
Both: the winner is darkath!
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