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The Race To The End: Dark Rises and Light Falls

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper A special for @Katisakat
John's team:
Tako Lvl: 40
Mozart evolved into Riolu
Mozart Lvl: 40
Squver evolved into Pidgey
Squver Lvl: 40
Ally Lvl: 40
Doge evolved into Mightyena
Doge Lvl: 40
Marth's team
Squirtle Lvl: 40
Rat Lvl: 40
Marth Lvl: 40
Rex's team
Bulbasaur Lvl: 40
Chingler Lvl: 40
Chopper Lvl: 40
Zigger Lvl: 40
John: Ok lets go in.
*They enter Mt. Moon
Marth: Hey you creep take this on for size.
*Mewtwo teleports them to dark dimension
Rex: What is this?
*Dark Rex, Dark Marth, Dark John, Dark Acacia, and Maroon appeared
All Dark trainers: GO and use Dark blast
DarkAchu Lvl: 40
VenusDark Lvl: 40
BlastDark Lvl: 40
ChariDark Lvl: 40
DarkTwo Lvl: 50
Rex, Marth, and John: GO and use Saply, Fire Shock, and Ground Blast.
Tako Lvl: 40
Squirtle Lvl: 40
Bulbasaur: Lvl: 40
Tako's HP- ()()()()()()(
*Squirtle and Bulbasaur fainted
*All Dark pokemon except DarkTwo fainted
DarkTwo's HP- ()()()(
John: Use Fire Shock 1 more time.
*DarkTwo fainted
John: Yes.
*They teleport on the side of Mt. Moon close to Cerulean City.
*To be Continued