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Dark God, Ep. 1

by Dy1an

Dy1an The first part in the disastrous story of Pokémon: Dark God. A terrifying power has taken hold of the Petra Region, enveloping everything around it. With the entire globe at risk, a group of elite trainers must band with some legendary guardians to save the World of Pokémon.
"Aw, c'mon Lucario, it isn't that bad!", Grayson yelled to his Lucario, standing outside of a massive ruin built into a cliff. They were in the desert, the Vagari Desert in the Petra Region, to be specific, and Lucario was adamant on not entering those ruins. Sure, he was with the trainer whom he trusted with his own life, but the crumbling pillars of the ancient sandstone temple looked more dangerous than a Mega-Gyarados on a Monday in January. Grayson Looked smugly back at Lucario. He knew exactly what would get him moving. "I guess I'll just have to give all the Poképuffs in there to Sandslash..." he sighed, turning towards the ruin's entrance. Lucario's ears perked up at the word. He knew that the chances of there actually being Poképuffs inside were beyond unlikely, but even if there was a segment of a chance... Alright. Lucario rushed up to Gray's side, looking at him intensely. "Hey, if we don't find anything, we can head to Midnight island so you can visit Absol, alright?" Gray said, tilting his head to the side as he smiled warmly. Grayson was a truly gorgeous man, standing at 6'2" with the body of a swimsuit model. He always kept himself below 200 lbs, as he felt that being light is being fit. His hair went down to just above his shoulders, platinum-blonde with a cyan-dyed streak on his bangs. wearing a black button-up (but with only 3 buttons fastened), khakis, and combat boots, the desert was his home. He paced up to a jog as he entered the temple. "Here we go!"
Meanwhile, in a very different part of the Region, a woman with bobbed, artificially-blonde hair and a black sweater lay on a luxurious purple-velvet bed with an Absol by her side. Her name was Cassandra. "Oi, Absol, when d'you think Gray'll come back to stay awhile?" She moaned to Absol. Absol looked back into Cass's eyes, without saying a thing. "Yeah, you're right. probably soon, I guess." a bored Cass replied. She was an intense woman, owning knife collections, several very dangerous Pokémon, and a rocket launcher, somewhere in her mess of a closet, not to mention being the boss of "the Guardians of Petra", Team Midnight. Her and Grayson actually ran Team Midnight together, keeping the streets of Petra clean and safe. The job is a bit easier when your business partner is also your significant other. Out of the blue, Absol jumped off the bed and started pacing, shaking her head and looking out the window towards the capitol. They were in Dusk Mansion, the island headquarters for Team Midnight just off the coast of Dracona City, the capitol of Petra. "What's wrong, hon?" Cass queried Absol in her thick Australian accent. "It's not a disaster, is it? Is Gray OK?" A worried look washed over her face. Absol looked back, and her eyes said it all:
Something is coming.