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Dark Crystals (Prologue

by Brambleflower

Brambleflower Read if you're bored, or just interested. This is kinda random, so... Read on, I guess.

Shade seems like a typical Absol. She has the typical black and white fur of an ordinary Absol. However, Shade is anything but ordinary. Shade was born with a piece of dark crystal in her paws, and because of this, she is shunned by her family and the other Pokemon. One day, while Shade is scouring the forest for food, she meets an Umbreon, but that Umbreon has blue rings instead of yellow. With Midna the Umbreon's persuasion, Shade and Midna runs away, and into the forest. Will the two Pokemon survive in the wilderness of the Pokemon world?

I do not own Pokemon or any of the Pokemon mentioned. The only thing I own here is my keyboard, my mouse, and the story itself.
Shayne let out a small hiss as she watched the black and white egg shake. It had been several days since it was laid, and no one knew the parents of the egg. Feeling pity for the egg, she and Disaster adopted the egg. However, it has been over a week since they had adopted the egg, and it showed no sign of hatching.
"Dear Arceus, when is this thing going to hatch?" Shayne pondered, as the egg gave a small quiver. Then, a tiniest of cracks appeared on the shell of the egg. Shayne leaped to her paws, and swiveled her head around to look for Disaster.
"Disaster! The egg is hatching!" Shayne yelped, as a larger Absol padded into the cave. Disaster walked over to Shayne and nuzzled her gently.
"Shayne, what do you think the Absol would be like?" Disaster questioned, as Shayne frowned.
"I don't know, why don't we let fate run through?" Shayne suggested, as the egg cracked even further. Disaster shrugged, and took a seat next to Shayne.
The two Absols waited for the egg to continue hatching, occasionally pacing anxiously. As the sun set, multiple cracks appeared into the egg. Letting out a small snarl, Shayne scratched at the ground with her long claws.
"Why isn't the egg hatching?!" Shayne demanded, as Disaster merely shrugged. Soon, hours had passed, and the egg was no closer to hatching than before. As Shayne prepared to snarl at the egg, the egg gave a single shake, and hatched.
A pale misty white light filled the air, as Shayne took a step back, shocked. When the light had faded away, in place of the egg, was a small Absol curled up in a ball. Disaster looked at the Absol plainly, before something sparkled in the Absol's paws.
"Hey, what's that?" Disaster asked curiously, before prying the Absol's paws open. When he did, there was a darkly coloured crystal shaped like a moon in the center of the Absol's paw.
"I have no clue... What shall we name her?" Shayne asked, as Disaster let out an impatient huff.
"How about Shade? And you didn't answer my question," Disaster responded, as Shayne let out a small sigh.
"Shade is an acceptable name. To answer your question, I said that I didn't have a clue."
As the two Absols bickered, Shade slowly opened her eyes. Blinking several times, the little Absol let out a small yawn, and stared at the crystal in her paws.
"Mama...?" Shade asked uncertainly, staring at Shayne with wide eyes. Shayne stared back at Shade, as she started to shake her head.
"No, Shade, I'm not your mama. I'm only taking care of you. Remember that," Shayne said sternly, as Disaster just stood there silently. Shade blinked again, as she nodded her head slowly.
"Yes..." Shade whimpered, as she curled up tighter into a ball, trying to conserve body heat. Shayne let out a sigh, as she sat next to Shade, and let the little Absol fall asleep on her.
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